“There are forces, “principalities”, at work in this seemingly human-made world that direct and produce everything.”

What If…?

Submitted by Jonathan David Suss

What if there has been a subterfuge going on all around us that began with Abe Lincoln (hold onto your normy hat) and his times? (See, e.g., my prior essay on Lincoln entitled Time to Seize Back Our Country, on this website; as well as this very recent article published just today.)

What if this subterfuge assumed ever grander proportions once the banks and the corporations brought the world through two devastating world “wars” that ended by establishing their intelligence beachhead in 1947 with the “enthroned” entrenchment of the CIA?—and this uncontrolled behemoth insinuated itself relentlessly worldwide, even here at home in every news gathering organization? See, the Church Committee. (Actually that journalist-to-intel-dissimulator project was begun as far back as 1909 in Britain; the Brits used journalists to establish the intelligence services (not the other way around). As a result, the already debauched British Crown-led government was way ahead of USA, Inc. as far as manipulating events via dishonest covert activities. (See, articles on the subject at, e.g., AIM4truth.org or at its social media presence on Gab.)

What if Ike’s totally political and “programmable” animal, R. Nixon, similar to Kennedy before him, started to get some big ideas when he got the presidential reins of power and began doing things that his Vermin overlords disliked? By the early ’70s the CIA (and similar spawn) had become quite adept at covert operations—so, what if they were tasked with removing Nixon from office and set up the whole “break-in” psy-op, complete with “Deep Throat,” etc., to keep their pet projects on point and going forward?

In other words, what if we are actually living in a very cleverly designed simulacrum—a stage-managed theater wherein dramas are continually concocted to misdirect people’s gaze—while every institution has already been subtly infiltrated, subverted from within—and the people are gradually “cooked” to be ignorant, to lose their critical thinking abilities and to depend on a constant diet of crap that only “feeeeeeds the estoppel”?

No, the conspiratorial view of history runs deep and wide. Without going there and dwelling on that, without repeating tenets of “conspiracy theory” (<= the term created by the CIA at the time of the JFK assassination) to immediately discredit any non-participants in the “narradigm,” without stepping on various land mines of mis-and dis-information that make scrambled eggs of one’s credibility; without getting into, e.g., the TDS of orange-man-bad or weighing whether there is more than one Trump (or many other others) out there (actors wearing masks, body double actors, even cloned humans) misleading public opinion—what if things are so off-the-wall and beyond-the-pale that to even consider them paints you as a “crazy-wing-nut”?

Maybe fact is stranger than fiction. That’s what drew me to author the red-pilled magic realism that I write. (In fact, some little voice deep inside of me always distrusted “the System,” making me into the cultural mutant I am today!) What sort of world are we really living in when we strip it down to its basics—remove the role-playing we all engage-in and the rules we mindlessly abide and pay homage-to, e.g., what is legal (corporate law) v. what is lawful (common law)?

Many, though, are deeply entrenched in that whole normy-world “game.” For example, I know a guy from my younger days whose “processing” began when he got obsessed with the Watergate psy-op. This naturally led him onward: from Democrat worker bee drone on the Hill, to well-intentioned liberal legal warrior for “the cause”; roundly believing in a reality that only exists because so many others play along and consensually (conspiratorially?) agree on the accepted reality world view—because it “works” for him and for others similarly situated: it “gathers food,” brings wealth, power, self-importance, while playing on that white-man-guilt complex of owing something while shedding crocodile tears for innumerable “others,” “lessers” (unfortunates) who never figured out how to work hard and lift themselves up, in spite of every obstacle, and instead educate themselves and lead lives of relative self-sufficiency without being dependent on the System-of-“gimmees.”

No, there are forces, “principalities,” at work in this seemingly human-made world that direct and produce everything. Their reign is old and has long-endured; it’s one that requires blood sacrifices, bribing and blackmail, the lure of success in the world as the carrot, the blotting out of normality and replacing moral lifeways with chaos and unspeakable horrors inflicted on innocents—it’s anti-family, anti-Christ, anti-truth, goodness and beauty—they’re bent-and-twisted psychopaths who want to replace a natural, God-created world with an artificial, man-made, computer-generated AI, designed to centrally-control a synthetic version of our planet; a CCP surveillance state that is a totally materialistic, no-God HELL-on-Earth.

In fact, we are souls wearing bodysuits. Those with no faith,  overwhelmingly identify with their bodysuits: narcissist materialists over-relying on their five-senses, luxuriating in comfort, safety, and security. Moreover, because of this, they fear the nothingness of death; they explore any avenue that will prolong the existence of their bodies, their consciousness—utter “stupids,” as Eric von Zipper might call them.

Our souls call on us to be giving, to endure hardships, to sacrifice some of our own comfort, safety and security for others, to keep ourselves cognizant of virtue, morality—to care for children, animals, and old people—to guard our Creator-endowed rights against invidious destruction by any totalitarian other, and to exercise backbone in defense of being soul-oriented by helping to champion the cosmic Force that human beings call God, that Divine, love-powered Supreme Being, much greater, more sacred, and infinitely more perfect and holy than ourselves.

How about that, all you normative-normy-norm-norms out there?

What if, instead of falling apart at the ‘seems” upon realizing the above, your little world expanded and transformed you into a real human being, one who is not living in fear and is much more capable, more powerful than could ever be imagined—a world wherein your Son of God merged delightfully with your Son of Man?

Think about it; act upon it.

Jonathan David Suss (aka Jack Suss / Wyman Wicket) is a cultural mutant American State National author whose writings of red-pilled magic realism and more (e.g., the Soul Enticed trilogy) can be accessed here: https://wymanwicket.com/book


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