UNCONVENTIONAL LAWFARE: ‘The Counterinsurgency Cavalry Has Arrived’

Roll over, Dewey, Cheatem & Howe,
the Counterinsurgency Cavalry has arrived!

Submitted by Jack Suss

Welcome to the firm of Dewey, Winhem & Howe, an Unconventional LawFare Firm (unincorporated; sole proprietorship).

Here at DWH we attack the underlying deformed nature of the government or corporation (same thing) which attempts to cheat and rob you blind, and generally prevents you from living life freely and fully.

We are a motley crew of folks learned in the law (the definition of a lawyer)—NOT B.A.R. ATTORNEYS—who disregard threats, character (and physical) assassination, blackmail and bribery to walk tall among conformist mental-midget-like, often demon-possessed, psychotic, or otherwise misguided persons.

We are awake, not “woke,” that is => extremely red-pilled, instead of being radically blue-pilled.

By executing documents and giving notice via public recording (and the mail) each of us has formally changed our status from U.S. citizens to that of American State Nationals/Citizens); we recommend that all of our fellow countrymen and women do the same. (To do so, contact the co-ordinator for your particular state at: https://states.americanstatenationals.org/state-coordinators/)

Why? If you remain a U.S. citizen you remain a serf subject to the franchised corporate {territorial (British) sea jurisdiction and/or municipal (Vatican) air jurisdiction} “government” and all of the petty, controlling, and enslaving statutes, codes, regulations, and rules (that is, the non-Public Law) that it has spawned-as-legal yet has cleverly hidden its unlawfulness from you.

Why not free yourself and begin the (albeit arduous) task of resurrecting the original constitutional Republic by re-establishing State Assemblies so as to govern yourselves, your way, on your terms, subject only to the Golden Rule?

DWH attacks corruption wherever it is— including all three branches of  “government” and its minion corporate controllers in intelligence, media, education, religions, professional and trade organizations, and more—in whatever institution it has infiltrated and subverted in order to subjugate you and all of the people.

DWH attacks injustice that offends the righteousness of the natural law and shocks the consciousness of the time-tested moral order (based in truth, goodness and beauty). In other words we defend God’s creation and offensively work toward removing evil Satanic/ Luciferian/ Ahrimanic perversions against righteousness and justice.

DWH gives Notice to the U.S. Trustees overseeing the current bankruptcies of the phony corporate governments as to your status and requests protection for you as a priority creditor.

DHW files Criminal Complaints with the military seat of the National Government in the District of Quantico (that holds supervisory power over civilian courts and B.A.R members) for any intrusionary trespass against you, their Employer, by franchise corporate courts and allied corporate agents.

DHW fights all forms of usury, banksterism, and financial defilement; filing silver bonds backed up with the threat of liens upon trespassers who fail to honor our free-born status and instead attempt a rampant pillaging of you and your assets under color of law.

DHW defends the jurisdiction of the land and soil with salutary remedies to help the living and breathing members of the general public to enjoy their right to be left alone, to be unhassled by pernicious attacks upon  natural, God-given rights endowed by the Creator that guarantee freedom from any nanny corporate/government over-reach.

In short, we help you to help yourself, to defend yourself, and we join with you in remaining among the sovereign and God-fearing individuals who seek to be free, strong, and independent human beings by helping to care for ourselves, others, and all life forms on this planet and beyond.

Jonathan David Suss (aka Jack Suss / Wyman Wicket) is a cultural mutant American State National author whose writings of red-pilled magic realism and more (e.g., the Soul Enticed trilogy) can be accessed here: https://wymanwicket.com/book


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