Presidents’ Day Reprise

Submitted by Jack Suss

Washington’s original birthday is February 22, and Lincoln’s original birthday is February 12. Instead of having two separate federal holidays in February, they were consolidated not long ago into one “secular feast day,” celebrated on February 20, “Presidents’ Day.”

On “Presidents’ Day” 2023 let’s review a Vital History Lesson for All Americans…

1. The United States (unincorporated) was formed on July 1, 1776, as a result of the Unanimous Declaration of Independence. The members of this Union were all Colonies and they also operated as “the United Colonies of America”. This is not to be confused with Benjamin Franklin’s private business (also unincorporated) doing business as “the” United States.

  1. The United States of America (unincorporated) was formed on September 9, 1776 by declaration of the Continental (that’s land jurisdiction) Congress. This Holding Company is a Federation of unincorporated geographically defined States: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maine, etc.
  2. The States of America (unincorporated) was formed March 1, 1781, by Agreement of the States ratified as The Articles of Confederation. This was a Confederacy of States of States created to conduct commercial business in behalf of the Federation States. The members of this original Confederacy went by names like this: The State of Georgia, The State of Virginia, The State of Maine….
  3. The original Confederation adopted and became the recipients of the service contract known as “The Constitution for the united States of America” in 1787. If you can read and know anything at all about English grammar you can observe from this that the word “united” used here as an adjective to describe “States of America” and references their “union” created under The Articles of Confederation. This Confederacy of “States of States” is the actual Party to the 1787 Constitution.
  4. In 1860-61, the Southern States of States in the original Confederacy left the organization doing business as the “States of America” — “seceded from it” — and formed a new and separate confederacy called “The Confederate States of America”.
  5. The entire [so-called] Civil War was thus a commercial mercenary conflict between the Northern States of States operating under the States of America Confederacy and the Southern States of States operating under The Confederate States of America.
  6. After the end of hostilities the British Monarch saw his chance to pull a fast one, claim that the Federal States of States were under “Reconstruction” and then, very quietly, create an incorporated Scottish commercial corporation merely calling itself “The United States of America” [Incorporated] and substituting franchises of this corporation [formed in Scotland in 1868 — we have the paperwork and proof] for the original Federal States of States.

Thus, “The State of Florida” owned and operated by Florida for the benefit of Floridians, was moth-balled, and a Territorial franchise corporation calling itself by the deceptively similar name “the State of Florida” owned and operated by the Scottish Government for the benefit of the British Monarch and United Kingdom, took its place — and generations of Americans have been kept none the wiser.

Source:, The Jural Assembly Handbook (2019), p. 9 (Emphasis added)

Washington, together with Lincoln, is a fitting combination.

Regarding the slippery prevaricator Lincoln, see my prior essay on Lincoln entitled Time to Seize Back Our Country. His legacy is one of explicitly vile actions and misdeeds aplenty.

Lincoln, was “a” President of a corporation doing business as “the United States of America, Incorporated” and operating as a Federal Subcontractor under “The Constitution of the United States of America, Incorporated”; thus he could substitute his private position as “a” President of the actual public Office of The President of The United States of America. As a British Territorial Subcontractor, he pretended to the Office of the Federation of States President—a position he was prohibited from holding. (This is a common fraud scheme called “mirroring”—in which one person (or asset) is substituted for another without the knowledge or consent of the owners. It belongs to that large class of personage crimes that include direct and indirect impersonation, barratry and identity theft.)

It was perfectly legal for Lincoln to be president of a British Territorial corporation. It was not Kosher for him to then also pretend to be The President of The United States of America—the Federation of States, which is the Office that is empowered to act as Commander-in-Chief.

So, essentially, Lincoln was an imposter, and he was an imposter already specifically prohibited from occupying the office he “represented”—as in “mirrored” in a private capacity.

However, regarding our revered Revolutionary War hero and venerable founder, George Washington, his dark legacy is found more in what he stood against and what he favored but left undone.

Together with John Jay and Alexander Hamilton, Washington tried hard to implement a British-style federal government; and these same three argued against adding the Bill of Rights to the original Constitution. They, of course, lost the latter battle; though their success concerning the former would be left as a work-in-progress, their political sentiments recorded for posterity to uncover and debate.

Their favoring of “mercantilism” would later be known as the Whig vision of a centralized government with a central national bank financing “internal improvements” (a poisoned fruit which Lincoln ultimately brought into ripened fruition). Washington certainly did not stand in the way of establishing a centralized national bank; money-being-money, this initiative gained momentum, garnering more support than the failed blockage of the Bill of Rights. And thus the central bank came into being.

Today we see the Washington Monument on the National Mall and the George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia. And it is no secret that Washington, D.C.—the District of Columbia—has more Masonic-influenced architecture and urban design than perhaps any other city in the world. This startling fact does lead one to wonder about how the burgeoning of this came about: Was it Washington’s own Freemasonry at work (a work-in-progress, undone-but-left-to-fester), or was it simply a case of Freemasonry later appropriating his name toward their own, seemingly diabolic ends?

And need we mention the Apotheosis of George Washington, the fresco painted by Greek-Italian artist Constantino Brumidi in 1865 and visible through the oculus of the dome in the rotunda of the United States Capitol Building? Funny how this sacred-secular creation coincided with the year that the “Civil War” ended.

As to his political party affiliation, (and without stepping into the Federalist/Anti-Federalist swamp) Washington was technically “non-affiliated.” But his political instincts, like Hamilton’s, were certainly not aligned with the Democratic-Republicans whose “we-the-people” orientation would come to be identified with Thomas Jefferson.

Intrepid researchers might dig more deeply into this nascent period of our history (avoiding, of course, the pap of most normative or “accepted” historians).

Suffice it to say that Big Brother nanny-state government must swoon on Presidents’ Day. They hide behind those statue-toppling mobs who could care less about our Founding Fathers. Yet all the while, that same phony government quietly revels in the darker-yet-white-washed legacies of Washington and Lincoln, only looking to ensure the continuation of their false legitimacy.

Cogitate deeply upon the ingenious-yet-convoluted complexity of our uniquely American way of setting up government—and then turn your gaze to an equally convoluted complexity of its mutinous scuttling (as set forth by AVR in the top of this essay).

Whose desires were ultimately made manifest? How did the love of money (private bankers, corporations and all the payola) triumph over the love of liberty?

On Presidents’ Day let freedom ring—but may it ring beyond a ring-around-the-rosies, pocket-full-of-posies version of history-as-false-narrative.

More to the point: let us straighten out the confusing double-speak and semantic jumble. We can and must return our government structures to their rightful and lawful stations—ones designed to be sub-contractors working via their lawful governing institutions in the tri-lateral (state-federal-national) symmetry within a larger tri-lateral system (land, water and air jurisdictions). The current government structure, acting in our place, must now come under the public law* and answer to the people.

With this big, elephant-hiding-in-the-room caveat-reprise in-mind may you have one very Happy Presidents’ Day, 2023!

*Public Law Defined

Jonathan David Suss (aka Jack Suss / Wyman Wicket) is a cultural mutant American State National author whose writings of red-pilled magic realism and more (e.g., the Soul Enticed trilogy) can be accessed here:


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