Close Encounters of the (Marianne) Williamson Kind!?!

Carlsbad, CA
March 7, 2023

by Rich Scheck

(Full Disclosure: In 2009 and again in 2014, this political activist encouraged Williamson
to run for president rather than for Congress, reminding her that she was “powerful beyond measure” and should speak truth to power for us all!)

According to top Ufologist Nick Redfern, someone named Marianne Williamson along with three other witnesses had a 1967 UFO encounter in Pennsylvania.

With Course in Miracles Guru (CIM) Marianne Williamson now an announced candidate for president of the United States, it seems natural for those in the UFO Community to inquire whether this is the same person who as a young woman had an experience then and who may now possess unique information about the subject.

To the extent that Redfern accurately described the events of that period and that it is indeed, candidate Williamson who was involved, her presence in the campaign at this special moment of accelerated UFO coverage implies that her role is more than mere coincidence and requires exhaustive vetting.

We live in a period of immense cognitive dissidence where lies, misinformation, propaganda, fake news and elaborate (AI promulgated) schemes play a key role in political discourse with much of it intended as part of psychological warfare to keep the public dazed and confused.
(See Cass Sunstein regarding the need for “cognitive infiltration” to diffuse conspiracy theories!)

Those types of actions augment other divide and conquer techniques from the VERY Deep State that increase its ability to control the machinery of government, suppress divergent views and pursue its plans for global hegemony.

Regarding Williamson, her candidacy invites deep suspicion from this observer for a variety of reasons including her admission to being a person with serious personal issues as a young woman such as drugs and “bad boys’ (code for sex?); her participation in a fringe “religion” (CIM); her apparent links to Israel and most of all, her unwillingness to oppose the war in Ukraine.

This last issue is a deal breaker for me. I can understand (forgive) most of the other matters and rationalize them as par for the course for the boomer generation. But anyone claiming to “challenge the existing system” of government as an ostensible populist who fails to vigorously oppose the unnecessary and extremely dangerous undeclared war with Russia over Ukraine is not showing me the courage needed to bring down the criminal military-industrial complex that has wrecked American democracy and undermined its Republican form of government.

Is Williamson a fraud, a paid shill (controlled opposition) who was selected by the VERY Deep State (VDS) because of her ability to communicate to a broad section of the population (like Obama, Clinton, Trump) who is serving their agenda by being a “vacuum cleaner” to suck up support for a true populist like Cynthia McKinney, Chuck Baldwin or Ron Paul were in their prime? Perhaps!

(IMO, Trump, Haley, Gabbard, DeSantis, Rubio, Gillebrand and others with links to Davos and Zionist interests are also suspect but this article is not about them other than to the extent the UFO issue is now a significant part of presidential politics. (

So as part of this speculative musing, I invite the UFO Community to engage Williamson and everyone else who wants to be Commander in Chief to come clean on all their ties to the VDS, especially as it pertains to Disclosure and ending the Truth Embargo.

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