The Strange Zionist/NAZI Relationship Continues Today

by The Syracusan

For those familiar with the disquieting truth that Zionists collaborated with the NAZIs during the pre-WW2 era, the continuation of that strange relationship into the present tense remains disturbing.

It is also a reality that is virtually impossible to communicate to the broader public without being called all sorts of names like crazy or an anti-Semite.

But the sad truth of the matter is that there has been an on-going relationship between those two groups who would normally be considered grossly incompatible.

NAZIs and Jews working together now as well in the 1930’s? Yes!

Transfer agreement (1933) :

Azov and Kholomoisky:

Azov in Israel:

Because of this and so much more, a case can be made that NAZI ideology (fascism/technological totalitarianism) has emerged triumphant in the first quarter of the 21st century. Fascism and rampant militarism fuel the war economy and dominate the political ranks and institutions of most countries: think in terms of Ike’s Military Industrial Complex that now extends to Big Tech, Big Pharma, Academia, Hollywood, the Intelligence Community, Banking, Congress and the Chief Executive in the Oval Office as well.

The war in Ukraine is symbolic of the unresolved issues of WW2 with the Russians attempting to “DeNazify” that country which is supported by NATO, the EU and the World Economic Forum in Davos. Those organizations are the equivalent of Germany’s plan to govern Europe and arguably are attempting to rule the planet through economic and political centralization.

President Zelensky signaled the world in April that the war was part of the Davos Great Reset Agenda with the goal of turning his war torn country into “Greater Israel!”

Ironically, Klaus Schwab, the alleged son of a Rothschild mother and an aide-to-Hitler father, is the symbolic head of the World Economic Forum whose overt goals include a NWO/Global Reset, depopulation and political centralization along lines similar to what the National Socialists intended to achieve close to a century ago.

Zionist support via the Rothschild’s and Israel’s comfort level with Zelensky underscore the bizarre “politics makes strange bedfellows” dynamic of the current situation. With a far-right government now in power under Bibi’s tutelage, the continuing support of Zelensky by the West and oligarch Kholomoisky, this perverse relationship seems destined to continue for the foreseeable future.

To the extent this is all true, it makes Putin the real hero and master player on the Global Chessboard as he gingerly uses military power to compliment his so far failed diplomatic efforts to constrain western imperialism often called Pax Americana.

That approach has taken a new form from the brutal tactics of the Germans in the previous era but it still relies on propaganda, economic sanctions and on shock and awe military tactics to succeed.

For those desiring more evidence of this shared Zionist/NAZI mindset, one need look no further than the words of Schwab’s top aide, Yuval Noah Harari, whose promotion of AI and Transhumanism have made him a significant figure at Davos. Harari has openly mimicked the same language of those in the 3rd Reich who justified the extermination of “useless eaters” that were part of the depopulation efforts connected to the Holocaust slaughter of countless Jews, Gypsies and other “deplorables”.

Another similarity emerges if one pauses to reflect on how terms like American Exceptionalism and God’s Chosen People have the same inherently racist meaning as The Master Race that was a key to NAZI ideology. Such characterizations go beyond the
understandable loyalty and enthusiasm for one’s tribe or nation and are often used to justify the murder of lesser humans in the name of “progress” rationalized as humanitarian interventions with Straussian “noble lies!”

Implicit in this analysis is the equivalence of Transhumanism to fascism, Zionism, American Exceptionalism and any other thought pattern claiming to be part of some Master Race.

Zelensky is now Davos bound to plead for a post-war Marshall Plan to rebuild Ukraine. The entire war seems to this observer to be a carefully scripted adventure to promote the WEF Agenda including climate change, LGBT rights, vaccine passports and the West’s
version of international law. I see the conflict as a brilliant, vast Urban Renewal Project providing for the financing of “Greater Israel” along the lines of restoring greatness to Khazaria with Bibi’s “Cyper, domain of power” and Bunting Cloverleaf Project lurking in the background.

The fight for the future is unfolding every day and is especially intense in Ukraine with the prospects for peace inextricably connected to the demands of the Great Reset, Greater Israel and the Davos Green Agenda.

How this all plays out in the coming days and years remains anyone’s guess. But for now, the intertwining of Zionist imperatives with Fascist ideology seems the dominant hallmark of modernity for the immediate future with the machinations from Davos a key factor.

Phoenix, AZ

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