Why hasn’t gov’t SHUTDOWN ?

Revoke all gov’t pay – including Congress, Senate & all staff
Why are they still getting salaries?
Why are they not all locked down with no income?

There is no Authority granted to anyone in government to remove the ability for people to work and support themselves.

How cruel and callous can a government be that closes down all ability for its populace to work, produce, feed itself and take care of their families!!
What kind of sick demented people do we have running this country?
Obviously they could go without income for several years and be fine because they are fattened with our tax dollars & their self-appointed salaries.

Who is going to hold them accountable for the devastation they have wreaked upon this country and the people? It has no effect on them but it has destroyed our middle-class and ability to recover!

This is Criminal, is Treason – there is nothing in our Constitution that even remotely permits this type of action against the Citizens.

Government is not to have any part in Commerce.
Nor is it supposed to be in any Financial dealings or Banking.
Nowhere is there anything that permits or allows the government to manipulate and control our medical health or it’s system.
This is blatant tyranny, usurping of powers that this government does not have!
How do we wrest power back from these fattened greedy tyrants ??

We must ACT immediately to STOP Further destruction of our lives and businesses.
This is our survival!!
These elected officials care nothing about the welfare of our nation’s citizens
– they are despicable and down right evil.

Protests Spreading Against Covid-19 Lockdowns!

Submitted by Anonymous

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