Cities across America are hiring thousands of contact tracers just like this.

Need a Job? Baltimore City is Hiring Hundreds of Contact Tracers

by Shelley Orman
FOX5 News

(WBFF) — If you’re looking for a job, a big campaign is underway to recruit hundreds of people in Baltimore City to work during the pandemic.

When someone finds out they’re positive for coronavirus, state and local health departments get to work contact tracing, finding out who that person has been in close contact with recently and warning those people about potential exposure.

Baltimore City has a few dozen contact tracers right now.

They’ve just started hiring 300 more people to join their ranks.

“It’s very important we’re pulling people from all zip codes around Baltimore City, making sure that every neighborhood, every community has leaders they can recognize and identify with who they know are trusted and credible and there to help serve the community,” says Fagan Harris. Harris is president and CEO of Baltimore Corps, which is leading the effort.

Contact tracers work remotely making phone calls, giving people information on self isolation and answering questions.

“To help trace the spread of the virus, to alert our neighbors when the virus is in our vicinity and to help us keep this thing contained,” Harris says.

You don’t have to have a health care background to apply, there’s a robust training program.

“The important background to have is empathy and a customer service orientation and a strong passion and desire to serve the community,” says Harris.

Baltimore City is contributing $5 million toward the program, which is scheduled to run for a year. Harris says they’re already working to extend that.

Hiring is already underway and will extend through the summer. Jobs pay between $35-$80,000 plus a health stipend.

“It really helps us move past this false choice between helping the economy recover and a really robust public health response,” Harris says.

You can apply online here.


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