COVIDSTATgate: The New Fake COVID-19 Numbers Prove Premeditated Fraud

New COVID-19 Numbers: Willful FRAUD!

Hal Turner Radio Show

The mass-media is ablaze with reports of terrible new COVID-19 numbers; wailing to their readers and viewers about how terribly the virus is spreading.  You know.  You’re all seeing the reports.

What you DON’T KNOW is it is complete, total, meaningless, bullshit; and the so-called “authorites” pushing these numbers, KNOW they’re committing fraud.  Here’s why:

Lets take one state as an example.  How about Texas?

In Texas, every hospital and health care provider is testing patients for the new novel coronavirus.  Whether a person walks into a Doctor’s office for routine blood sugar tests or because he has a mole growing on his skin, he gets tested for COVID-19.

The tests for many people come back positive.  But they have NO SYMPTOMS and did not go to the Doctor or hospital BECAUSE of any COVID-19 Symptoms.

And for every test that comes back “positive” the state health department is counting that as a “new case of COVID-19” even if the person has no symptoms of it and did not go to a medical professional BECAUSE of any such symptoms.

Car crash victim?


Positive result.

Told to media as “another Case of COVID-19” even though the guy came in from a car crash and has no symptoms of COVID-19 at all.



Positive result.

Told to media as “another case of COVID-19.”

Whatever routine – or even Emergency- situation sends a person to any type of medical provider, they’re getting tested.  And even though few to none have symptoms of COVID-19, they’re being described as another case.

What these government people are doing is actually CRIMINAL.  A felony.

This is a scheme to defraud you of your freedom.   The freedom to go out and engage in recreation, the freedom to go out and engage in commerce, the freedom to go out to dinner at a restaurant or have a beer at a bar, or exercise at a gym . . . and so on.

The general public is being intentionally hoodwinked (again), and there’s a reason for it.

No, it’s not to protect them from a disease that only kills the way a nasty Flu kills.

It is designed to make way for MAIL-IN VOTING in the November Election.

Through MAIL-IN VOTING, the lying, cheating, scheming, good-for-nothing scumbags in the Democrat Party, can steal the election.  Which election?  ALL OF THEM!

That’s the motive behind this latest COVID-19 nonsense.


COVID-19 is no worse than a nasty FLU.   Like a nasty flu, it will kill those with weak immune systems, or with underlying health issues.  That’s pretty much it.

Most people exposed to this disease never even show symptoms; their body kills it without fanfare.

Remember: You do NOT need government permission to leave your house.    Ever.  Anywhere in America.  For Any reason – or no reason.

 You are free to go out anytime you damn well please, and travel anywhere you damn well please.   No one has the right or the authority to stop you without probable cause, and/or a court order.

You do NOT have to explain why you’re out or where you’re going to anyone.  Not the Mayor, the police, State legislators, a Governor, Congress, or even the President. . . . no one.

You cannot be stopped from engaging in commerce without a COURT ORDER.  No Governor of any state has the legal authority to shut down any business without Due PROCESS OF LAW as required by the 14th Amendment.  If they want your business shut, let them go to court, provide actual EVIDENCE that your business has, or actually IS spreading a specific disease, and if they cannot prove it, they cannot shut your business down.

Ignore Executive Orders, they carry no force of law and cannot be applied to anyone other than Executive Branch employees.

For months, Governors and political apparatchiks have been telling people to “social distance”  and to “wear masks.”  Yet when thousands of losers from ANTIFA and other groups, stormed into the streets to riot, loot and burn, none of THEM were told to stay home.  None of THEM were accused of spreading disease.  Why?

Because the riots and protests serve the Democrat agenda. Divide, COnquer.  Create chaos then save the day by restoring order. . . but only if they get elected.

This COVID-19 second wave is a fraudulent scam.  The people perpetrating it are lying, criminal scum.

Fuck those governors.  Fuck those Attorneys General and Fuck their ignorant, tyrannical, minions out in the field.

This is all one gigantic scheme to steal the elections in the country, being perpetrated by people who will stop at NOTHING to regain power.

It may soon be time to deal with such people the way our Founding Fathers had to deal with Tyranny.

Prepare for that, just in case.


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