Why haven’t governments or medical authorities ever provided proof of COVID-19?

Letter to PM Demanding Proof of Existence of ‘Covid-19’!

The People’s Brexit

The push-back movement against Government tyranny continues! 

Now our friends at StandUpX – Science Committee have written to the PM demanding proof of the existence of so-called ‘covid-19’. This is to be by way of peer reviewed evidence of isolation and purification of the ‘virus’. This is also to be produced with peer reviewed proof that all of the Koch Postulates have been applied to the ‘virus’.

As this so-called ‘covid-19’ ‘virus’ is now controlling and dominating our lives, it is only reasonable to be given proof of it and if this proof is not given their ludicrous measures of control and vaccination plans should STOP NOW!

The Government have been given to the 22nd of July to provide proof, of course they will not be able to as ‘covid-19’ does not exist, but it will be interesting to see what they say in their reply. See the letter here:


As you can see the signatories of the letter are Dr Kevin Corbett, Piers Corbyn, David Crowe, Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr David Rasnick and Professor Roger Watson. Many more health professionals also wanted to sign the letter but were sadly unable to for fear of the implications to their careers of going against the Government narrative. Dr Kevin Corbett has written some excellent papers on all of this insanity, see:


Thank you to Simon Dolan and his team for all their hard work for us, please keep going. We need to fight this Government of Occupation over their lies and fraud at every opportunity!


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