The Fight Against the Mask Must Commence in Earnest!

Fighting Against the Masks!

The People’s Brexit

We can confirm that we are also challenging the legality of being forced to wear masks/ face coverings on public transport and now even in shops in Scotland. It is extremely harmful to health and has no scientific evidence of effectiveness. This is just another form of mind control and to create constant fear and worry in the public. Further, it is against our Human Rights and we should not accept this or any other of the ludicrous measures this Government of Occupation brings in.

This represents a complete ‘U turn’ on policy by the Government who has announced on many occassions that mask wearing would not be required. It is also against advice given by SAGE and documented in the SAGE minutes and reports.

Even the WHO does not advise mandatory mask wearing by healthy members of the public:

They have a very long list of problems and risks caused by mask wearing. However, the Government even ignores them in their determination to dictate and to control us.

As well as acting illegally in bringing in a law that is very harmful to health, the Transport Minister has even acted illegally in his method of making this law. This is because he brought it in as a Statutory Instrument under the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984, which has been used by this Government as an Enabling Act and a way to bypass Human Rights Legislation, Parliamentary scrutiny, and a requirement for ’emergency’ legislation to be both proportionate and temporary. Twelve months with a review before 6 months can hardly be described as temporary!

Further, he announced it on 4th June and then waited until 14th June to actually legislate to avoid having to lay it before Parliament. He then falsely used section 45R of the 1984 Act to claim that he had to pass it urgently. Here is the Statutory Instrument:

We challenge all aspects of ‘covid-19’ legislation and ‘measures’ taken against it, as it has never been isolated and proven to exist legally, medically or scientifically.

The Government is using so-called ‘covid-19’ to ruin our economy and take away our Rights, Freedom and Democracy and TOGETHER WE WILL STOP THEM!


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