The British are mounting serious opposition to THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC.

Our Government Has Destroyed Our Country!

The People’s Brexit

However, all is not lost if we unite NOW and fight our Government in the Courts as the law is on OUR side. They need to be stopped NOW before the damage is even worse.

Our Government has caused thousands of deaths with their illegal ‘lockdown’ due to lack of treatment. Then they claim these are ‘covid-19 positive’ deaths to boost their statistics.

Our Government control and manipulate these mortality statistics.

Our Government will cause many many more deaths as their actions have made the NHS Waiting List over 10 million people now and many will die waiting.

Our Government will cause many further deaths as vital cancer screening and treatment is not happening and there will be many suicides of people broken by the illegal ‘lockdown’.

Our Government ban us from seeing our ill and dying family and friends in hospital and then limits numbers for funerals which then have to ‘social distance’.

Our Government will only allow us to see family and friends outdoors, under their silly confusing rules, ‘socially distanced’ of course.

Our Government pointlessly has caused our healthy economy to plunge by 20.4% in April because of their insane illegal ‘lockdown’.

Our Government has used our police force that we fund to enforce their illegal actions and make them fine us if we do not comply.

Our Government has destroyed people’s lives with their illegal actions, jobs are lost, businesses ruined, children are deprived of their education all for nothing as even Professor Neil Ferguson was forced to admit.

Our Government are now forcing us to wear masks on public transport even though this has no benefit and will give us health problems.

Our Government is forcing us to do absurd ‘social distancing’ which has no scientific evidence but just destroys businesses and makes our lives a misery.

Our Government allows ‘social distancing’ rules to be broken by protesters that are furthering their divide and rule aims.

Our Government is forcing our children to ‘socially distance’ and be frightened if they do get to go to school, which will give them mental health problems.

Our Government has removed all enjoyment from our lives such as holidays, watching sport and even going out for a meal or a drink.

Our Government is illegally tracking and tracing us based upon fake tests.

Our Government illegally took our Rights and Freedoms literally over night and are only slowly giving them back and giving us endless, silly, insulting, confusing rules.

Our Government is now plotting to have regional illegal ‘lockdowns’ and has given Local Authorities £300 million for this.

Our Government is plotting a ‘second wave’ of so-called ‘covid-19’ and has already commenced the brainwashing programme for this.

Our Government is plotting with Gavi and Gates etc. for us to all to have a lethal vaccine before they will allow our lives to return to any sort of normality.

Our Government has given Gavi and Gates hundreds of millions of pounds for these vaccines and has promised many more hundreds of millions of our money to them.

Our Government has used psychological warfare against the People right from the start of this ‘pandemic’ with their Behavioural Insights (brainwashing) Team using the Main Stream Media and even the 77th Brigade from the army to control the narrative and generate fear.

Our Government, however, now need to be frightened themseves as the People are waking up, are not happy and know they are to blame!

Please support our legal action against this Government of Occupation, let’s stop them.


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