Perps Perpetuating Pandemic Pandemonium, More Predicted for October 2020

Insider info: Pandemic mayhem in October

From Jim Stone:

I just finished talking to a high ranking member of a major conservative organization that has already locked down millions of people in quarantine due to the organization having knowledge of a new virus that will be released within a time frame that slates October as a month of major mayhem. This organization has many elite within it’s ranks yet is conservative.

They have already provided comfortable quarantine to millions of people. Some of their people are still out and about in public, but they have protected their most valuable people with forced quarantine because they don’t know when the new virus will be released and there will be two groups, those that are already quarantined and those that are not quarantined but provide support. It is a very interesting arrangement, they are obviously taking this seriously.

Many readers of this site have probably seen the recent video clip of Bill Gates stating “This virus did not get taken seriously, but the next one will”. It came off as a threat. I believe that was a real threat, and now that this organization has taken this action, it really appears we indeed have something to worry about. It was the conservatives that first saw through the B.S. and if this organization is not subverted it has to mean that the elite within it’s ranks got real insider info and there really is something new on the way to worry about. I’d say there is a 30 percent chance of subversion and a 70 percent chance this is all legit.

Anyone with a lick of sense knows the doctors are murdering people and false registering deaths, as well as faking test results to get the stats up to actionable levels, but too many people are aware of this now and it is highly probable that the elite have therefore decided to do it for real this time. So it only makes sense to:

  1. If you own a business, be prepared to shut it down, now is not the time to expand and put it at risk with additional debt. If it is going under already, don’t wipe yourself out trying to keep it afloat.
  2. If you consumed your Corona supplies and can build them back up, you had better get that done SOON because the clock is ticking, this time we have a solid warning.

There is obviously a chance this is all a hoax and nothing real ever will be released, but Bill Gates actually did threaten this and this particular organization would be the last one I’d ever expect to fall for a hoax. Subversion of this organization is possible, but not likely.

One final note: I actually went to one of the locations this organization was supposed to be using for quarantine, and YEP, they are there, and quarantined. It looks like they are being stupid for now. This is supposed to be happening in every country, with this organization. Better than in a house at least. There’s no question this is legit, my only question is whether or not subversion caused it. And I believe that is unlikely. I would not have posted about this if I did not know for sure such actions were taken. It is spooky, because it is such a freaking huge organization, this is not “heaven’s gate”.

My Comment: I’ve been reading here and there about a small Bubonic Plague out break in Asia. I wondered if that is what the Deep State are going use next on us. It has happened before, minor outbreaks that get stopped in its tracks. But Jim is right, Bill Gates smiled from ear to ear when he threatened his next pandemic attack being much more severe than CV19.

So people should make preparations for more quarantines before supplies become scarce again.

Also this warning dovetails with someone’s prophetic warning just a week or so ago, which I have reposted further below. Prophetic warning notes that big trouble will hit the month of September, and violence will hit in November.


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