The Hidden Agenda Behind the Infamous Mask Mandates

The Symbolism of COVID19 Face Masks


Remember all the fear porn leading up to the end of the Mayan calendar on Dec 21, 2012?

2012 was a gateway, an invitation to know our own inner truth, which is Power to ‘intentionally’ generate reality. Indigenous people knew what time it was in 2012. To avert great injustices, suffering, and transhumanism [mandatory vaccine], COVID19 measures invite everybody to know what time it is in 2020.

The face mask CLUE

Faces masks SIGNAL the eternal struggle between good and evil as this world age closes and a new era begins. A rare moment to willingly ascend out of our lower animal nature into our higher divine nature, and up the evolutionary ladder.

COVID19 is the catalyst.

How each of us responds to evil that was ignored, denied, and allowed, being pushed to the surface now for purification, will be mirrored in a new era coming toward us.

Either we wise up, and cooperate to set ourselves free, or continue to be seduced by deception and distraction, controlled by technology and fear generating a fate worse than hell.

The digital revolution is Big Brother’s Memory Hole

Ruling entities have NO power, they have technology, and CONsent of man to control his/her health, family, life, food, water, air, finances, and now the right to BREATH!

Reward cards, credit cards, and electronic devices allow artificial intelligence to profile you, track you, and learn from you. [AI hive mind for all AI to access and mimic].

Use CASH as much as you can.

Some devices when turned off are never completely off. You can buy a stainless steel container with a lid to store electronic devices. It acts like a Faraday cage for devices when they are on or off to block electromagnetic fields.

You can also wrap smaller electronic devices in aluminum foil, shinny or dark side matters not, to block electromagnetic fields.

Wise up before the alarm goes off

It is up to every person of good conscience to equip themselves with new awareness, cooperate with one another, take back personal power, inform others, commit to saving your body, mind, spirit/soul powered life, and leverage COVID19 measures as your ticket to freedom.

Make right with the One True Creator

Ask your Creator for guidance, and to safeguard you. Heal inner emotional wounds. Embrace fear as a teacher so it is transformed into a higher frequency vibration, which raises your signature energy and opens channels for greater opportunities to flow.

Well supported evidence on physical and metaphysical levels are available in our Blogs.

The alarm is set [mandatory vaccines].

Please inform others about what time it is and consider participating July 18.20. Thank you.

Global Coherence Pulse July 18.20 Meditation

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Personal coherence generates a cascade of beneficial neural and biochemical events throughout the body especially our mental and emotional body.

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