Another Patriot writes an urgent “Open Letter” to President Trump—Will his administration listen?

An Open Letter to anyone and everyone who cares about ALL LIVES and to the Trump Administration

Submitted by KW

President Trump: You signed the Hong Kong Autonomy Act providing….your words “powerful new tools to hold responsible the individuals and the entities involved in extinguishing Hong Kong’s freedom”.

If you are serious, President Trump, and if you are truly concerned, you would do the same for the very people in this country; it hasn’t happened yet after all of this time.

The words or as similar as I can relay, that you used when you commuted Roger Stone’s sentence: I know you’re innocent and are the victim of a illegal and fraudulent witchhunt. I know your life could be in danger should you be thrown in prison for something you did not do.

Fine, but at the same time…..??!!

IF you are truthful and serious, President Trump, and if you are truly concerned, you would commute our sentence which has been slammed on us illegally, unjustly and fraudulently from the beginning.

This con game HAS resulted in countless deaths, torture and agonizing misery for families coast to coast.

You must make a case, continuously, never letting up, never letting go of exposing the entire illegal, fraudulently and deadly ongoing con game. Expose all of it.

Expose the Gates, the Faucis, Birxess, the CDC, the UN and the rest of the pedophile Death Cult Party members along with their very deadly agendas.

They must not just be sidelined…they must all be indicted and thrown in prison for parole… for the crimes against humanity they’ve committed for multiple decades.

Then, slam the hammer down on lawlessness. Slam down on it hard. The murdering Death Cult politicians and their terrorist “police” units; BLM and Antifa also must be indicted and thrown in prison.

Since when do we allow street thug terrorists and their handlers to get away with this?

You, President Trump, watched with the rest of us the as city councils, *mayors*, *governors* etc. swat team a decent soul without a muzzle-mask and or should they want to take a stroll on the beach or through the park.

Please make the case immediately regarding the extremely limited legal authority on mandating the muzzle-mask by the Governors, Mayors, etc.

The only place that the city, state and federal governments can legally mandate the wearing of muzzle-mask, (if they so choose) is on city, state, and fed property.  City council meetings, state colleges, the MVD, the military bases or federal buildings, that’s it.

Zero legal authority on private property—businesses, homes. Search Judge Napolitano comments here:

You are still allowing the U.S. to follow the Chinese “Model” which as China is, and has always been vicious, always ruthless and always stupid.

Many, many lives have been lost in horrific ways. Trafficked and chopped up newborns, trafficked infants and children, the elderly in nursing homes murdered in cold blood by clinically insane cold-blooded governors and mayors.

Why have you not 100% de-funded the infant butcher and infant trafficking shop U.S.A…..Planned Parenthood?

Why have you not thrown out of the U.S. the very organization, the UN, that’s implementing all of this on U.S. property; the murder, chaos and insanity and child trafficking?

And you have us pay for this!

With the U.S. following the China “Model”, (CDC model) or any other fraudulent model, we are giving permission to the UN to further facilitate this sadistic and savage con game, causing countless, countless people in other parts of the world to continue to starve to death.

With all of the talk that you’ve done in the past, which got you elected in 2016, I am wondering where is all your chutzpah now?!

Oh, and by the way, why the rush to deadly and toxic vaccines?!?!

It is ridiculous to have waited so long. The waiting game is damn sadistic!

Get on camera, President Trump and do your due diligence before any more blood spills.

If you lose the opportunity to stamp out this savage assault on infants, children and families, then all the facts point that you have deliberately chosen to do so.

God Will Have HIS Last Word on this and you.

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