Gert ready for the POTUS Election Theft of 2020—Here’s how the Left will do it!

Submitted by John

I’m hearing some disturbing things now. The Dems/DS intend to “Take” the election. They know they can’t win, they know the vast public opinion is against them. So they intend to just take it, claim they won.

They do not have access like they did when Obama was in power. Their control over the fraudulent voting mechanisms, satellites, rigged voting machines, mail in voting, etc. Is Much less than in 2016/18. Pres.Trump is doing a great job at cutting off their schemes.

So they intend to just “take the election”.

On election Day and night if their comrades in the mainstream media are going to report that they won. They are just going to flat-out report incorrect numbers to solidify in everyone’s mind that the Dems won.

They will use every means of illegal voting scams to back this up. They intend to intimidate and destroy Republican votes anywhere they possibly can. They want to rush their “newly elected” people into office with very fast local swearing in ceremonies. Just like Obama’s BS
“office of the president elect” stunt. They will officially Not acknowledge any results that doesn’t benefit them and challenge anything else they can.

And they will support and encourage riding as a means to enforce there newly elected officials. They also intend to declare the presidential election for themselves, with the MSM backing it up on every channel 24/7. And they will lead a massive march, protest, riot o the White House to remove President Trump. If he would not be removed they intend to have their president address the nation from Congress. And their president will run the country from Congress.

The MSM will not allow President Trump any air time and will block everything possible from being communicated from the rightful president.

This is bad. The riots, the taking over of police stations, shutting down and ceiling off federal buildings, this is their practice run for what happens the day after the election.

The riots have quieted down right now but that is by design. Untold millions are flowing into these groups and they are stockpiling right now. Round two is coming, bigger, more violent, more focused, and able to hold out for months.

They are being directed and supported by hostile foreign governments and leftover Deep State players within our own government.

They do not care if the economy is crashed, if people are out of work, they welcome the violence. They want the violence, that is part of their plan. If there is a great deal of violence their new president or ask foreign Govs to help establish order.

I have also heard but they will not declare a vice presidential running mate for Biden, at least not officially, because if things go their way and they have him as their phony president Nancy Pelosi will be announced after the election as the vice president.
They cannot win, they do not care about any of us or the country, they have shown how they welcomed, promote and celebrate violence against us. they know that prosecution’s are about to start and after another four years of President Trump’s successes.

They will be in prison and their party destroyed forever. They are fighting for their survival and the law does not apply to them.

I’ve gotten this from several sources now. Supplies online MRE, survival food, are being bought out, so they can last for months. It is extremely well-financed well-planned and directed by hostile foreign and internal actors.

What we had hoped and prayed Mightily would never happen, could be just a few weeks away.

Defend yourselves and your loved ones, support the president and those that support him and our country, protect a document your vote, be as prepared as possible for a couple weeks surrounding the election.

Hold your Oath in Mind, Keep the LORD within your heart, and Pray with all of us that their plans fail.

Ok, some questions have popped up.

The Deep State controls over half the court system in this country. They have compromised a large portion of other judges. They control the media, the internet, and most means of modern communication.

They can shut it down if they want. They want covid-19 , riots, whatever the case may be, they want everyone lockdown at home until after they attempt to take the government. That’s why they refuse to open schools.

There are numerous DS supporters within the Military/ Intel community who will help them take over, issue contradicting orders and statements. All designed to delay and confuse until their plans take effect.

They anticipate a reaction, they welcome the violence. They want President Trump to enact martial law, they will then say the fraudulent president has taken the White House hostage and is holding our country hostage.

It is already racist and illegal to defend Ourselves, it will only get worse closer to the election and immediately afterwards if they attempt any of this.

They want us quiet, cut off from communications, afraid to act, locked in our homes and weakened. until they say it’s safe to come out into their brave New world that they control 100% of everything.

Ultimately they cannot/will not succeed. I’m thinking of the damage they will cause if they try. They hate us, President Trump, and the country, and don’t care if it’s destroyed on any level.The destruction weakens the US in the eyes of the world and they consider it a victory 🙏


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