Did Nancy Pelosi just tell us how the Democrats plan to steal the election?

submitted by Qackerjak

Did Nancy Pelosi just tell us the whole democrat game plan to steal the election? I saw this 1 minute clip of her the other day and thought it was so strange. In this video, she said: “he will be removed, “one way or another” and “just because he doesn’t want to move out of the White House, doesn’t mean we won’t have an inauguration ceremony to inaugurate a duly elected president of the United States.”

She also stated that “I’m 2nd in line” (which at the time, I thought was strange because she is actually 3rd in line) “and just last week I had my regular continuation of government briefing” and then she coyly added that “but this is never going to happen”.

All along I’ve been thinking that Biden won’t be the candidate, but after reading this thread and putting it together with the video, it makes sense. Biden could be their nominee and of course, he would lose, but it wouldn’t matter… IF the media reported, on election night, that he had won. It wouldn’t matter what the REAL tally actually was… just imagine if the media provided bogus numbers, proclaimed Biden as the winner, they would quickly swear him in, and they would march to the White House to try to drag Trump out.

That would explain why they have recently been repeating this story that they don’t think Trump would leave office if he lost the election. He will win but the world will think he lost and won’t leave.

This may be their game plan. They are planning to steal the election by convincing the public that Biden won… and how would anybody really know?

This is the video by Pelosi: Pelosi Says They Might Have to ‘Fumigate’ Trump out of White House YouTube

This is the thread explaining it: Thread Explaining how Dems Plan on Winning


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