William Barr has had over 533 days as Attorney General to indict a single swamp creature. Still not a one!

CAT Report

bill barr patriot traitor

Looks like Bagpipe Billy was hired for all the hot air he blows in D.C., protecting Senior Executive Service traitors and saboteurs. Is he a Crown Agent who is there to protect the SES thugs who have committed treason against America? No tick-tock clock for us. If Billy-Boy doesn’t give us some red meat ASAP, we will name him as a traitor after the elections and suggest that he be tried along with Mueller-Comey-Rice-Biden-Obama-Holder-Kerry-Page-Strzok-Wray-Jarrett-Haspel-Rosenstein-Powers-Sessions-Clinton-Cheney-Ohr-McCabe-Sullivan- etc. etc.


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