CRUCIAL CORONAVIRUS PREVENTION TIPS: Alkalize with Bicarbs, Low Glycemic Foods & Zinc-rich Diet

The COVID-19 Etiology Analysis

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The deal with all viruses and many diseases is how Zinc motility is affected by low pH drift via bad diets.

When HCQ is administered along with Zinc we see just one example of various combo drug methods that raises cell pH back to alkaline and restores Zinc’s motility back into cells so that the correct Zinc and alkaline pH levels can arrest the virus.

This biochemical dynamic tends to perform similarly this across the board and even affects HIV infections. It rapidly wipes out COVID-19 infections in cells rapidly and is best done during the earliest stages of the infections.

There are many ways to restore Zinc and its motility into cells. The best is to eat correctly with diets lower in sugar and carbs and do exercise that burns them of regularly. It is this group of healthy folks who are the least affected by COVID-19 infections because their strong immune systems confer significantly greater resistance to COVID-19 infections.

This same mechanism drives illnesses like diabetes and other metabolic energy-related diseases. The pancreas is generally loaded with Zinc in healthy persons. However with bad diets that lower body and cellular pH, the normally high Zinc decreases causing Zinc motility into the cells to drop. The sugar and carb overloading also pumps lipids loaded with excess deuterium into the pancreas and the net effect is that it builds to the point of destruction of Islet Beta cells as well as insulin making. This long-term condition leads to diabetes.

It is this mechanism that causing the COVID-19 infections to seriously affect those folks with low metabolic energy illness which can develop into full-blown Metabolic syndrome.  There are several medical ailments and health conditions associated with Metabolic syndrome such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, hypoglycemia and others.

Metabolic Syndrome: Epidemic of the Modern Age

Correct diets that are low in acid pH-generation work against COVID-19.  Drug treatments using HCQ drive up cellular pH and, when supplemented with Zinc sulfate (ZnSO4), increases up viral resistance.

In fact, there are many ways to accomplish this end result. Even the methods utilizing bicarbs will work in a similar fashion (e.g. Baking Soda). Bicarbs drive up pH to a alkaline level and, when supported with Zinc supplements, the viral resistance is returned to the cells via the zinc motility back into cells which then stops the infections. During the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, this approach worked quite well to protect the few that knew of this low cost and easily available method for survival.

People like Dr. Fauci, and virtually all the vaccine pushers, the CDC, NIH, FDA and AMA types are determined to keep this true disease etiology from the public. It makes them billions and lowers the population.

In China, this is tried and proven method of population control.  This depopulation strategy makes use of the same bad diet, especially the eating of animals such as chickens and pigs.  The constant cycle of  sets off viral levels in these animals that mutate and jump to humans in China and then to the entire world.

Bill Gates, Fauci and the other vaccine pushers all take advantages of the public’s ignorance of this viral transmission process to makes trillions of dollars and cull the populations. Fauci was infamous for doing this to the HIV-infected communities and now he is at it again with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Basically, those folks eating healthy diets, which maintains an alkaline pH and correct Zinc motility into cells, don’t need vaccines, masks, eye shields, social distancing, job loss or the other nutty methods the reigning group of tyrants and despots attempt to foist upon the people of the world. These are nothing but Crimes Against Humanity.


Obese People Are Twice As Likely To Die From Covid

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