Why is Amazon.com deliberately suppressing sales of this accomplished author?!

There IS A Concerted Effort To Suppress Amazon Sales Of This Excellent Author H.R. D’COSTA

Harriet D’Costa MD

These are the Ten Amazon Links to the books of H R DCosta.  If you notice there has been an attempt to hide #3 and #10 in order to suppress the sales by leaving out the name of the book and instead of referring to it as product.  Also the availability of [1] [2] [3] [7] and [8] in print as paperback is not made available to the public in order to suppress the sales of the print books
The worst atrocious thing is the effort to take away credit by encouraging people to write bad reviews for malicious reason while taking no responsibility at all.  This is done by allowing people to rate books by reducing the stars and anyone can do it without proof of purchase.  Amazon has hired bad people and setting a poor example to the rest of the world.  Jeff Bezos needs to supervise his people better.
Sizzling Story Outlines: How to Outline Your Screenplay or Novel, Always Know “What Happens Next,” and Finish Your Rough Draft Without Freaking Out (Iterative Outlining Book 1) Kindle Edition
Story Structure for the Win: How to Write Faster, How to Write Better—Whether You’re a Plotter or a Pantser Kindle Edition
If you want to learn to write a Screenplay or Novel checkout the following websites and links:
Thank you for supporting Author H R DCpsta by sharing her work on social media.
H. R. DCosta is an Author  of Ten No Nonsense Writing Guides.
Her two latest books are still at marked down prices to enable international readers to buy them.
Other writers have written good things about her excellent writing guides.  See [3] [6] [7] below.
You can learn all about her books from her website [2] [11] and from her Author Page at Amazon [10].
Thank you for sharing her website and the information about her books with everyone you know especially because there is a concerted effort to suppress her website, her archives as a guest author on other sites and sale of her books by the usual suspects that include Google.  In fact the sale of her latest book [Write Your First Screenplay] that was released on July 18th was heavily suppressed.
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