Are NBA Players Useful Idiots For The Marxist, Anti-American “Black Lives Matter” Hate Group?

August 30, 2020

By Patrick J. McShay

“If you vote Democrat in November, you’re voting for & violence, nihilism, and hate.”

— Denise McCallister, Bestselling Co-Author of “Spygate”

“The number one cause of death of young Black men 15 to 34 — is murder. Who’s committing the murder? Not police. Other black men!”

— Juan Williams,  Journalist

Max Kellerman told Stephen A. Smith on ESPN’s top-rated show, “First Take” Friday that “the face of White Supremacy is feeling emboldened by the politics of the last 4 years”. Yet another racist shot at Trump and his supporters, despite the fact that every black person who has known Trump over the last 40 years says he is not, nor has he ever been a racist.

Former NFL star Hershel Walker spoke at the Republican National Convention this week and talked about his 36-year friendship with The president. He said he is offended that anyone would think that he would be friends with a racist! He said Trump is no racist and there is no evidence that he is. Maybe First Take should have him on!

NBA players have jumped on the “Black Lives Matter” bandwagon but what do they really know about the group? Do they know that BLM is for open borders, destruction of the family, pro LGBT, anti-police, anti-America, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, and racist to the core. Like Hitler’s Nazi Brownshirts, BLM uses violence and intimidation to stoke racial division and destroy economies, randomly attacking local businesses, including Black-owned businesses, blocking traffic and pulling the occupants from their cars and beating them. Another tactic is going into restaurants and randomly screaming at White people while the new anti-White and anti-police curriculum is being introduced in schools.

Lebron James is as ignorant about BLM as he is about China. The Billionaires funding BLM doesn’t care about Black people, they are using Black people just like they are using these athletes to fundamentally change our country. We are in a struggle to save our country!

A recent study from Marquette University shows support for BLM is already on the downswing, and 78% of those polled are opposed to defunding police departments.

What should disgust everyone in this country is the way the mainstream media lies and misinforms the public about everything important and is censoring online content that doesn’t support those lies. A few other things ESPN’s Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith, as well as the public should be talking about is:

*There is a video of Jacob Blake fighting 3 cops before he bolted around the vehicle, defying orders to stop and not open the door of the vehicle. When he was shot Blake had a knife in his left hand which wasn’t reported by the media. Another thing not mentioned is Mr. Blake’s 40 previous arrests for violent offenses, threatening people with a handgun, an outstanding warrant for a sexual assault and he was in violation of an existing “Protective Order” at the time he was shot.

At the time Blake was shot he was being detained for the outstanding warrant and the protective order violation. He resisted arrest, fought the cops, and refused commands by the cops. anyone, no matter what color you are, should know if you’re detained by the police you’d better do as you’re told. That’s not the consensus among the sports pundits on ESPN and Fox Sports, however. It doesn’t seem to matter to them that this guy was a violent thug, they just don’t care. The agenda is more important than the character of the martyrs.

*A Must- Watch Video of an attempt to arrest a DUI suspect by Pennsylvania State Troopers with tragic results. How would Max, Stephen A., or Fox Sports hosts of “Undisputed” Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless have handled this guy?

*When cops arrived on the scene they knew about the”Protective Order” as well as Blake’s violent criminal past. Why hasn’t the media mentioned this vital information? How Can anyone make an intelligent and convincing assessment of right or wrong in this case without all of the evidence?

How were Max Kellerman and Stephen A Smith able to make up their minds so quickly? Did they have this information? Why are they perpetuating the lies of the official narrative? They are still reporting the lie that George Floyd died from strangulation as a result of the knee on his neck, however, the Coroner’s report showed that there was no strangulation or traumatic asphyxia and that he died of an overdose of Fentanyl. Professor and author Michael Eric Dyson joined Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe on Fox Sports “Undisputed” 3 days ago and was still lying about Floyd’s cause of death.

*Since twice as many White people are killed by police in The US every year, why don’t we see those videos? Is there systemic racism in America or systemic censorship of stories and videos showing cops shooting White people?

I wonder if Max, Stephen A., Skip or Shannon know that a Black person in America is 10 times more likely to attack a White person than the other way around? Isn’t that racist? Why don’t we hear about the unarmed White people killed by police every year? There is clearly a conscious effort on the part of the media to keep these stories from the public.

One such recent story is the shooting death of Hannah Fizer, 25, murdered by a cop June 13th, 2020 in Sedalia Missouri, just one day after the shooting death of prison parolee Rashard Brooks in Atlanta. Hannah by all accounts was a shy young White woman with no record of arrest, who was on her way to her job as an assistant manager at Tiger Eagle Stop Convenience Store when she was pulled over by an as-yet-unnamed Pettis County deputy for speeding. During the course of the stop the deputy shot and killed Hannah claiming she threatened to shoot the deputy. Jacob Crosse with ICIF wrote:

“According to a terse statement issued by Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) Sergeant Andy Bell Sunday, Fizer was pulled over for allegedly speeding and “imprudent” driving while on her way to work for her10 p.m. shift. After she was pulled over er by the unnamed deputy, the MSHP claims that Fizer became “non- compliant” and “ threatened the deputy by stating she was armed and was going to shoot him. The incident allegedly escalated to the point that the unnamed officer had to “discharge” his weapon.” killing Fizer.”

Several hundred of Hannah’s friends, family members, co-workers and members of the community gathered in front of the Pettis County Sheriff’s office to demand answers and questioned why that level of force was used against an unarmed woman, but no answers were forthcoming. The Pettis County Sheriff did admit that the department had bought body cameras 3 years ago but they had encountered technical difficulties and had not yet put them into use. A typical excuse.

Hmm…they weren’t wearing body cam’s in the Kenosha shooting either. Sadly, we get nothing but excuses from these police departments whose officers should all be wearing body cameras at all times. Most notable was there were no reporters from ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, CBS or ABC at the rally, nor was Al Sharpton there, interested in why this young unarmed White woman was shot 5 times at close range. Hannah’s mother said she didn’t own a gun and no gun was found at the scene.

How are the deaths of violent felons like George Floyd, Rashard Brooks, and Jacob Blake, more important or relevant than the murder of Hannah Fizer? All three were resisting arrest and in the  case of Brooks and Blake, were fighting with officers trying to handcuff them. Brooks had just been released from prison early because of COVID-19 where he had been sentenced to 7 years for abusing his own children, and George Floyd was a violent criminal who, during a home invasion, struck and threatened to kill a young pregnant woman.

*What are liberals at ESPN and Fox Sports saying by holding these violent thugs up as heroes? Are they saying that there should be no consequences for violently resisting arrest?

I wrote 3 years ago in “NFL Players Are Strangling The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg” “While Black people make up just 12.5% of the population, statistics show they are involved in much of the reported crime. The Wall Street Journal reported that a 2009 crime study showed Blacks were charged with 62% of all robberies, 57% of murders and 45% of assaults in the 75 largest counties in America. This may account for the higher rate of police interaction.”

Every year there are twice as many Hannah Fizers than George Floyds in America. Listening to the rhetoric coming from the mainstream media frantic about a disproportionate number of Blacks being killed by the police every year, it’s no wonder people are upset, but that narrative is nowhere near the truth. Not even close. As of June 30th, 2020 the American police have killed 558 people, of them 111 were Black. Doesn’t this stat alone debunk the accusations of systemic racism?


Is Police Brutality Out Of Control?

2018 police shooting statistics:

*US Population – 328 million

*Number of full-time Cops – 670,000

*Percentage of the population interacting with police- 17%

*Number of police contacts with the public – over 55.5 million

*Of the 998 total Police Deadly Use of Force, here is the breakdown by Race:

White –456 (45.69%)
Black –229 (22.95%)
Hispanic –165 (16.5%)
Other –41 (4.1%)
Unknown –107 (10.72%)

Had Hannah been Black, she would be a household name in America, and she should be! Sadly, that won’t happen because there is an agenda to create tension among the races and demonize White cops. An agenda that I believe was meant to be used by the racists on the left like Max Kellerman Max Kellerman to unfairly attack President Trump and his supporters as racists with disinformation and lies. If the media only covers Black deaths by cop, it is going to appear that they are being disproportionately targeted. Fortunately, that is not the case. Propaganda is being used to divide us and push this false narrative, that’s the story the pundits should be reporting!

Hannah’s story and others like hers don’t promote the mendacious “Black Lives Matter” and mainstream media narrative that Blacks are being targeted. Nor do other White murders at the hands of aggressive cops with itchy trigger fingers. If the public finds out that Blacks aren’t being unfairly targeted this whole movement loses all credibility and legitimacy. Since far more White citizens are killed by police than Blacks it should be obvious that this is not a Black issue, it is a policing issue.

I’ve written that police unions are the biggest obstacle to getting rid of the bad cops with a history of violence or racism on the job and that there should be a national registry that keeps records of every offense and complaints. This would prevent these thuggish and racist cops from getting a job in another city or state.

I wrote 3 years ago that, “the American police are trigger happy and began killing all of us in much higher numbers since George W. Bush mandated that the American police be trained by the Israeli’s after 911.”

The knee on George Floyd’s neck and the cop emptying his gun into the back of Jacob Blake are techniques taught them by Israeli instructors.

Our controllers create these false narratives causing tension and conflict that didn’t previously exist, and the COVID-19 hoax is a good example. People are getting into fights over face masks! Businesses are being bankrupted by the states, especially Democrat-run states that have been much slower to reopen, and have continued ineffective and dangerous mandates on wearing masks. More people are being harassed by police for not wearing a mask or properly social distancing than for violently protesting in Democrat-run cities.

We are still being tested for a virus that has yet to be isolated, how can they possibly have a vaccine? Athletic events and entire seasons are being postponed or canceled because of test kits that have an 85% failure rate and were not designed to identify viruses. Why are they so intent on testing everyone? Maybe because this was always about harvesting our DNA. Anyone with a pea size brain can see that these COVID numbers are intentionally inflated and this Plandemic is a scam with numerous agenda’s including crashing Trump’s economy and driving independent stores and restaurants out of business!

This Marxist cancel culture crowd wants to ban books, censor truth, destroy history and break up the traditional “nuclear family.” “Black Lives Matter” is no grassroots movement, it is a hardcore, violent, hate group that has powerful benefactors and tens of millions of dollars in the bank thanks to George Soros and dozens of corporate sponsors. At a time when many people see professional sports circling the drain, NBA players are being used as useful idiots by a racist, anti-American and anti-Christian hate group that cares not for Black lives but for power and violent change that in the end will benefit none of us.

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