There NEVER was a “National Emergency”!


In this episode I show people how NONE of the states could keep people “locked down” and businesses closed etc WITHOUT Trump’s declaration of a national emergency. It’s just impossible. Stop making EXCUSES for Trump about how “he didn’t lock us down it was the governors”. The states could never afford it. The people would NEVER put up with it without the 1 TRILLION per month being injected into the system by the FED Govt. And NONE of that is possible without Trump’s declaration of emergency. NONE OF IT. You can’t have the stimulus and all of this support that keeps the people pacified instead of IN THE STREETS. So stop telling me Trump is on my side. He is NOT. He doesn’t even bring in the Doctors being BANNED on social media to have a PRESS CONFERENCE at the White house?!! He tells people it’s a patriotic duty to “wear a mask”. Wake up people.

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