Is Trump’s contracting of Covid the first real October SurprIse? Who infected him? And was it done on purpose or unwittingly?!

Hicks ?

Is this the October surprise?

If it is Hicks who passed the ChiCom virus on to POTUS, who gave it HER?

Go back to the theory of George Webb, who subsequently lost his YouTube Channel over it, when the Chinese were interested in it as a defense against the litigation that will surly come as a result of this.

If I was a Deep Stater, I would find someone who is in close contact with Trump, and cozy up with a gift like a scarf or something, that has the virus on it, just like the blankets given to the Indians that had Small Pox on them !! Easy Peasy…..

Since she was traveling with him all the time on his airplane, it’s sure to be passed around to everyone on the plane thanks to the closed ventilation system. Ingenuous !!!

That way you kill two birds with one stone; first him to show to his people that he’s not invincible, and lessen the confidence in him for voting purposes; and then cut him off from the people around him i.e. his advisors and ha ha, the Q team, truly a great plan who ever thought it up.

Hope to see this in an article.

P.S. If I was investigating this I would start with who ever came in contact with Hicks recently.

Good Luck!

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