WARNING! Anti-Truth Movement Conference to Be Held on October 13, 2020

A Jesuit University Spearheads
the Burgeoning Nationwide
Anti-Truth Movement

State of the Nation

Is is any wonder that a Jesuit University would be chosen to hold a conference explicitly designed to snuff out all the hard truths that are being revealed throughout the USA today?

There is “an entire academic conference to be held in New Jersey’s St. Peter’s University dedicated to teaching other academics and the entire academic establishment to disallow any reference to 9/11 Truth, the Covid truth movement, and the battle against forced vaccinations”.

The conference is being lead by one Dr. Barna Donovan, a virulent pro-vaxxer who has previously called for children to be taken from parents who refuse to vaccinate them.

Why is the SPU Chair of Comm. Dept. Dr. Barna Donovan calling for children to be taken from parents who refuse to vaccinate?

SOTN has been informed since the posting of the previous exposé that Donovan “has regularly written about the anti-vaccination movement as ‘creatures’, and ‘criminals’ and compared parents who opposed forced vaccinations to terrorists and sexual abusers whose First Amendment rights should be taken away”.

This type of academic radicalism clearly has no place in America’s unities and colleges.

So how is it that an academic terrorist like Donovan is still even teaching?!

That’s right!  He should not be anywhere near a university campus again.

Bear in mind that this upcoming conference will now be also dedicated to spreading the government’s Covid lies as well as the super-vaccination agenda.

As one observer put it: “The most important warnings need to spread about the higher education system when their members are using their views to endanger free speech and free thought and the freedom to exercise our God Given rights to protect our families and the health of our children.”

Therefore this Alt Media platform encourages every reader to attend tomorrow’s conference via ZOOM.  The meeting ID for this October 13, 2020 meeting, that will take place at 11:00 AM Eastern Time, is 96615157476.

Please be there is you can to protest and ask question if they are even allowed.

This conference and similar ones are structured to shut down free speech on university campuses.  Those who organize them truly pose a grave threat to secondary education as well as seriously jeopardize American society.

State of the Nation
October 12. 2020

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