An unusually accurate astrologer weighs in on THE GREAT SCAMDEMICM

by Bud Barber

One hater/skeptic asked me, how I could possibly presume to advise the public about the Coved 19 virus by only using Astrology? My answer to him was, “So far my predictions concerning Coved 19 have been more accurate than; the World Health Organization, US Department of Health (DOH), Tedros Adhanom (director of WHO), Bill Gates, White House health advisor Andrew Fauci, The Chinese Government or any Govt. as well as anyone in either the US Democratic or Republican party. So, when they start getting it right, then I’ll shut up.

In truth however what I’ve posted really doesn’t say much about me personally, as any half decent astrologer could forecast the same things. However, what it does show is the people who should be monitoring and advising us on Coved 19 don’t seem to know their ass from their elbow. In other words they, the so-called experts, are an excellent source for misinformation. So if you want to be accurately informed about anything at all concerning the pandemic I’d say you’re better off consulting your local gypsie card reader.



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