Houses Explode and Burn While Nearby Trees Remain Untouched in Australia—Same DEW signatures as California arson fires

Aussie Fire Photos Tell the Same
Directed Energy Weapon Story
that Were Used to Trigger
the California Firestorms

How, pray tell, do the homes explode and not
even burn while
all the grass and trees nearby
remain perfectly intact?!  How were the vehicles
incinerated and hub caps literally melted when
dry tree trunks close-by were unaffected?!

These preceding screenshots were taken from the following video of the aftermath of bushfires in Victoria, Australia: EuroNews Post Graphic Video Footage of DEW-triggered Bushfires in Australia

Now, take a close look at this hard evidence of DEWs in The Land Down Under:
Just like Operation Torch California, hard evidence of DEWs appearing throughout Australian bushfires (Video + Photo Proof)

State of the Nation
January 7, 2020

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