Just like Operation Torch California, hard evidence of DEWs appearing throughout Australian bushfires (Video + Photo Proof)

Directed Energy Weapons Being Used
in Operation Torch Australia

First, here’s a photo taken by the New South Wales Fire Department of a particle beam or laser beam.  You can see the NSW fire truck in the foreground of the second screenshot below.

Next we come to clear evidence of the covert use of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) again in New South Wales, Australia.  Both screenshots depict melted vehicle components, while trees in the same area remain unaffected, which could only have melted via temperatures that are impossibly attained in this type of bushfire.  Just like many of the burned out vehicles that were photographed during Operation Torch California, these Australian bushfires are seeing the same DEW use.


Here’s the video that produced the all the screenshots shown above:
Photo Evidence of Directed Energy Weapons in Australian Bushfires (Video)


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