‘Don’t Buy the Kool-Aid That This Race Is Over’

Dick Morris to Newsmax TV: ‘Don’t Buy the Kool-Aid That This Race Is Over’

By Eric Mack | NEWSMAX

The Joe Biden campaign or its friends in the media, desirous of a presidential outcome, “cannot call this election,” so “please stay tuned,” according to political commentator Dick Morris on Newsmax TV.

“Only the states themselves can [declare a winner], and ultimately the electoral college meets and does itself,” Morris told “Saturday Agenda.” “This process has quite a ways to go, and every development from now on will most likely be pro-Trump.

“So don’t give up. Don’t stop watching. Don’t buy the Kool-Aid that this race is over.”

The race still hinges on the ballots still to be counted in Arizona, the recount in Georgia, and contested paper ballots in Pennsylvania, Morris added to host Joe Pinion.

“You have this massive fraud in Pennsylvania, and once they recount a million paper ballots, a million and half, I don’t think that Biden’s lead is going to stand up,” Morris told Pinion.


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