The Fight for The Soul of Our Republic Has Begun

UPDATE–The Fight for The Soul of Our Republic Has Begun

by Larry C Johnson


If Joe Biden had run a real campaign and generated genuine enthusiasm, Trump voters would be unhappy with his victory but would acknowledge he had won. But Biden did not win. This election was stolen. And the fury and bitterness among Trump’s base is real and pervasive. So far, Trump supporters are keeping their powder dry–literally and figuratively. They are going to give the institutions, particularly the Justice Department, the opportunity to set things right in accordance with the law. But there is a limit to their patience. I know that Donald Trump understands this point, it remains to be seen if Attorney General Bill Barr grasps the situation. From what I know of Bill Barr, especially from friends who are close with Barr, he understands the danger and the implications perhaps even better than President Trump.

The latest coup attempt is a mixture of audacity and sloppiness. On the audacious side we see a coordinated effort in key battleground states to stop counting votes when it was clear that Trump was in the lead and headed to a second term. The reason to stop counting was to bring in the thousands of votes that would make it appear that Trump lost. But for those of us in Florida, we saw the Democrat plans thwarted and the true depth of Trump’s victory.

Here is where we see the sloppiness of the Democrat plot against Trump–the Dems foolishly forgot to cook the books on the House and the Senate. Trump’s coat tails brought significant gains in the House of Representatives and prevented a wipeout in the Senate. It is historically and statistically improbable that Republicans win back seats in House and hold the Senate while Trump allegedly loses. Trump did not lose. He garnered the most votes ever for a Republican but could not control the Democrat Governors who opted to stuff ballot boxes with bogus ballots. There is a legal, lawful remedy to this.

I got my start at the CIA as the Honduran analyst during the height of the war in Central America. Part of my duties required me to keep tabs on political chicanery that was rampant among Honduran political, business and military leaders. I am now stunned to witness that this Republic–thanks to the craven and corrupt actions of politicians, business leaders and the media–behave like a shithole banana republic. The days of America pretending to instruct other countries on how to conduct free, fair elections is over.

So, what are we to do?

First, Trump supporters in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada must demand action by their state legislators. Those men and women must stand up and be counted and must fight this outrage.Second, turn off the media and cancel subscriptions to those publications that have facilitated this evil farce. This means Fox. Only News Max and OAN can be relied on now to report what is going on. An honest media would be reporting on the growing mountains of evidence that the will of the voters was thwarted. Our so-called media, for the most part, is mute or insisting that we did not see what we very clearly saw–i.e., votes for Biden magically appearing in the middle of the night, Republican observers being barred illegally from doing their job, Trump supporters showing up to vote and being informed that they had already voted, and long lists of dead people who were resurrected from their graves to cast a vote for Sleepy Joe.

Third, shutdown your Facebook and your Twitter accounts. Create fake accounts and do not post any personal information about your activities or those of your family. Only support genuine social media that allow full, unfettered discussion. Sign up for Parler, for example.

Fourth, vote with your dollars. Make sure you are not supporting the tech giants that are continuing to play a hand in trying to quash dissent and drown out the truth.

Fifth, if you own a firearm make damn sure you know how to use it. You must know without a doubt how to safely load, unload, fire and clean your weapon. There are thousands of NRA instructors ready to assist.

Sixth, change your viewing habits. Give up your Netflix account. Don’t support Hollywood. If you don’t watch their movies and buy their products you will hit them where it really hurts–the pocketbook.

Seventh, Do the Math! Trump supporters in every state must obtain official state registered voter counts on Nov 2. Compare those totals to the numbers put up at the end of November 3rd. Why? You couldn’t have voted if you weren’t registered. Next, compare the addition of Nov 2 voters to those added on Nov 3 TO the total votes for a state. If total votes / nov 2 plus add ons is greater than the 5 year average of same comparison in 2016, ie percent of voters who voted THEN, there is clear probable cause to show that ballot stuffing occurred.

Last, pray. We are not in a battle with mere mortals. This is at root a war against evil. The constant drumbeat of propaganda proclaiming Donald Trump as a racist, as homophobic and a liar is but one manifestation of this demonic plot. The very people leveling those charges are the ones who have allowed millions of black Americans to wallow in misery in crime ridden neighborhoods. They are the ones who celebrate aborting black babies as a fundamental human right. They are the ones who will gladly sell out to China and sacrifice American jobs in order to rake in millions of dollars.

I understand the gut churning fear that many of you feel. I also understand the seething rage that has yet to manifest itself. Here the radical left, masquerading as Democrats, have made a fatal mistake. They assume we will go quietly into the Gulag. They don’t know America.

UPDATE–Fantastic, substantive piece from an accountant in UTAH–click here.

Here are the salient points:

I’ve been trying to keep up with the firehose of information about what’s going on during this clusterfuck of an election. Last night I was on Facebook talking about the crazy high, 3rd world dictatorship level voter turnout levels in the deep blue areas of these swing states was very suspicious. Somebody gas lighted me about how “I’d have to do better than that”, so this was my quick reply, listing off the questionable bullshit I could think of off the top of my head:

The massive turn out alone is a red flag.

But as for doing better…

The late night spikes that were enough to close all the Trump leads are a red flag.

The statistically impossible breakdown of the ratios of these vote dumps is a red flag.

The ratios of these dumps being far better than the percentages in the bluest of blue cities, even though the historical data does not match, red flag.

The ratios of these vote dumps favoring Biden more in these few battlegrounds than the ratio for the rest of the country (even the bluest of the blue) red flag.

Biden outperforming Obama among these few urban vote dumps, even though Trump picked up points in every demographic group in the rest of the country, red flag.

The poll observers being removed. Red flag.

The counters cheering as GOP observers are removed, red flag.

The fact that the dem observers outnumber the GOP observers 3 to 1, red flag (and basis of the first lawsuit filed)

The electioneering at the polls (on video), red flag.

The willful violation of the court order requiring the separation of ballots by type, red flag.

USPS whistleblower reporting to the Inspector General that today they were ordered to backdate ballots to yesterday, red flag.

The video of 2 AM deliveries of what appear to be boxes of ballots with no chain of custody or other observers right before the late night miracle spikes, red flag.

Any of those things would be enough to trigger an audit in the normal world. This many flags and I’d be giggling in anticipation of catching some thieves.

And it isn’t that I have to do better. I’m just an gen pop observer who happens to be a retired auditor with a finely tuned bullshit detector. This is going to the courts.


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