FCC Complaints Filed by GOP Against Networks Who Falsely Claim Joe Biden is the ‘President-Elect’

Republicans Begin Filing FCC Complaints About Networks Who Falsely Claim Joe Biden is the ‘President-Elect’

By Cassandra Fairbanks
Gateway Pundit

Republican activists and concerned citizens have started filing Federal Communications Commission complaints against networks that are falsely referring to Joe Biden as the “president-elect.”

File a complaint with the FCC against every network falsely claiming Joe Biden is the President Elect fcc.gov/consumers/guid


As Maria Viti, one of the members of the “Riot Coverage Crew” leading the effort, tweeted, “the media can make projections for each state but have no legal authority to call a state until the state election results are certified.”

Currently, multiple states are still being contested.

There has been a widespread effort by the media, including Fox News, to cover up widespread claims of voter fraud benefitting Biden.


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