A Very Smart Armchair Election Analyst Reveals the Scheme No One Else Is Talking About

Hunter Biden Lap Top, the pre-election day chess move is an obvious play

So the Biden Lap top story is still coming, what good will it do now?

So why didn’t Barr do anything? Did he go over to Biden’s side or does he realize it was a trap set by Trump?

Do you really believe that Biden didn’t actually win, did you see the crowds? Biden didn’t have the rallies on purpose, he wanted Trump to think he would win, so Trump would not issue PEADS.

This pre-election day chess move is an obvious, carefully planned Trump campaign hit job, but short-sighted, most pundits predict these allegations come too late to sway the outcome of election day. This view is dubious and misses what could indeed be a three-move check-mate against Joe Biden, but…after the votes are counted.

Come Nov 3, the race for POTUS is far from over. Trump’s handlers seem to know this. The follow-up will be an unprecedented public spectacle that will likely very much include the Electoral College. Further, this possible coup will have sixty-four very valuable extra days, a Judiciary Committee, an Attorney General, a Senate and developing media attention, all remaining and at the RNC’s disposal.

The Trump campaign knows this and appears to be playing the long game. Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon are not political fools. Thanks to Biden’s true personality being exposed, a growing treasure chest of allegations have been handed over to Trump, four different times thus far. If these revelations prove true, should Trump lose, this will also provide his campaign no less than two more chances to bring Biden down.

The timing of the weeks four separate bombshells alleging a Biden family pay-to-play scheme mimic, of course, the effects of the July 22nd and November 6th, 2016 Wikileaks pre-election revelations. Here, in context, it should be remembered that this massive leak of emails blew up the campaign of the, then, DNC frontrunner, Hillary Rodham Clinton. It also exposed the utter anti-democratic corruption and coup that was the 2016 DNC presidential election committee.


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