INTERNET KILL SWITCH SLATED FOR ACTIVATION – “FirstNet” For Military & Police is Active

INTERNET KILL SWITCH SLATED FOR ACTIVATION – “FirstNet” For Military & Police is Active

Submitted by GodsAngell

I have received the following Intel from a US Department of Defense Contractor. It appears plans are in the works to shut off the Internet and make certain first Responders and military will all have access to their private Internet known as “FirstNet.” – Subscribers Only —

A warning that the Internet and phone systems might be shut down for 10 days. Q has referred to this as the “10 Days of Darkness”. So we were all forewarned.

Here are my thoughts on this:

I think it might be related to this:

HUGE: Trump fires deep state Defense Secretary Mark Esper, indicating a likely PLAN for MILITARY involvement in a Declaration of Insurrection

1) I’ve heard the Military has their own internet for national security reasons. Heard that many years ago. This FirstNet might be a 3rd set up, or it might be “it”.

2) I have also heard that at some point with the take down of the criminal elite, ALL Communications will be shut down: no tv, no internet, no phones.

Not sure why this is necessary, but I presume it has to do with the arrest of the criminal elite to catch them all off guard, so they can not warn each other etc. Marines swoop in, in the dead of night, power is down, so no alarm systems working, and they just go in and pick up the targets and take them directly to Prison, do not pass Go, do not collect $200, go directly to prison. (little joke here).

The Marines can be used to arrest “Enemy Combatants”. Anyone committing Treason or Sedition, is deemed an “Enemy Combatant”. “Enemy Combatants” lose their constitutional rights, and are tried in Military Tribunals. GITMO Prison has been greatly expanded, adding many more cells, and also many more court rooms, and lawyer conference rooms. In addition, Two Prison Barges, each with 500 prison cells, have already been docked at a new deep water port at GITMO. This whole place has been empty and waiting for their intended occupants.

1) Legal Explanation of “Enemy Combatants” & Military Tribunals:

2) Judge Kavanaugh Hearing Where Senator Lindsey Graham Grills Kavanaugh re: Military Tribunals…….(this was a real clown show if you recall, but you could hear a pin drop during this line of question!)

Anyway I have heard something like this WILL happen. I heard this long before the violent riots started.

Now we KNOW that the whole reason Lame Stream Media “Elected Biden”, is so the Commie useful idiots will go out and celebrate and have a gay old time, SO THAT, when the announcement is later made that after all the FRAUDULENT BALLOTS/VOTES have been discarded, TRUMP won by a landslide, and it is ANNOUNCED that Trump WON, the low IQ dumbed down useful idiot savages will go on the warpath!

This is going to piss off the commie useful idiots, who are so low IQ that they will assume something “fishy” is going on, and Trump is the one “stealing this election”. This will incite violent riots for sure, all across this nation.

Lets face it, ANYONE who believes the TV Networks can DECIDE who is and who is NOT President in a highly contested election, is dumber than a rock! I wonder if they even know about the Electoral College? They probably think it is an IVY League college some where back east.


So I think a full communications shut down might put a damper on violent riots and things, if the useful idiots can’t text each other nor email each other nor talk on the phone with each other. They won’t know what to do or what is going on. It would disrupt their ability organize locations to gather en mass to start their violence. They will be left in the dark, probably while the military gets into place everywhere.

I have also heard that about this same time (of the arrests), Trump will declare MARTIAL LAW … least in certain areas, prone to rioting.

Martial Law History in the USA in WW2 & Civil War:

Also at some point, that there will be an emergency text message sent out to everyone on their cell phones. This emergency broadcast text system was tested in Oct of 2018, for just this reason. This would fit with rolling out Martial Law, installing curfews. Notice the low IQ rioters prefer to do their dirty deeds under the cover of darkness. Military enforced curfews would stop all that. As I’ve said before, its one thing to riot, and loot, commit arson and commit murder when the police have all stood down. Its another thing to try to do all these things with a well trained soldier pointing a gun at your head, with live ammo in the gun. These are Communist Revolutionaries trying to over throw our gov’t, so they are committing TREASON too. The Penalty for TREASON is EXECUTION.

And, We all know the BEST thing in the entire WORLD would be to SHUT DOWN LYING LAME STREAM MEDIA PROPAGANDA! So taking out TV/Cable TV would be such a BLESSING to this PLANET!

I’ve also heard that at some point, there will be Live Streamed Real Time News Coming directly from the White House. Robert Trump (Donald’s recently deceased brother) confirmed that recently. He called it “Trump TV”, and asked if we were ready for it. HEY, ANYTHING is better than LYING LAME STREAM MEDIA PROPAGANDA! Bring it on! We are all so tired of LIES, and trying to guess what is going on, how refreshing to actually have the TRUTH revealed to us, real time, by the Good Guys! (Just an aside, I heard that Judge Jeanine has been FIRED from Fox News, I wonder if she will be part of this new news broadcast controlled by the White House??? Lets hope.)

Now that there is so much open talk about going in and dragging Trump out of the White House (a Coup D’etat by communist insurrectionists), such drastic actions (like shutting down all communications) may be necessary to thwart such outrageous plans. It would be essentially “cutting them off at the pass”, if you understand that old Western expression. It means cutting them off BEFORE they can DO ANY Harm at ALL!…..which is Great for “We The People”.

I have no idea what the order of things will be…..or exactly when it will all happen.

And yes, I have heard of the 10 days of darkness (communication darkness). We all heard it from Q. But I think it will be the Good Guys, Trump Team, the White Hats who are organizing all of this, and thus they will also restore all services when the event is finished. In this regard I’ve heard that Trump Team have had the US Military guarding our critical infrastructure 24/7. So if anything gets shut down, it will be the Good Guys doing it and doing it for a good reason.

Although the power might be cut at some of the criminal elite’s mansions/estates, to permit surprise entry by the Marines, I don’t believe the power will be cut for the rest of the nation. So if your power suddenly goes out, don’t panic, know that it is temporary, and it will be put back up again. (Rejoice, KNOWING what is REALLY going on! The long awaited ARRESTS!)

Remember Trump Team infiltrated ANTIFA/BLM several years ago, they know the plans for communist insurrection, violent riots. They know who the leaders are. Many of the Leaders of these useful idiots have already been arrested. I suspect that is why the 50 Day Siege Against the White House ……suddenly got called off in Sept, AFTER there were reports of Tents going up on street corners, intended to be used as ANTIFA/BLM Command Control Centers. Remember that all got called off, and no more tents, no riots, nothing happened. They all ran scared. I suspect the leaders setting up tents got arrested, and that put a damper things.

It might happen like this: Supreme Court decides that after all the fraud has been removed, that Trump indeed Won this Election. They will decide fast, knowing we would have a Constitutional Crisis on our hands, if they don’t. So the Decision is made, either communications are shut down immediately after that announcement, or maybe even before. Imagine the commie useful idiots still partying over Biden’s win, and suddenly all communication just gets shut down. No one knows what is going on. They don’t even know Trump is the new President……so they aren’t even mad. I don’t know how it will all play out…..but I do know its going to be GOOD! Its going to be MARVELOUS! Its going to be FANTASTIC!

Oh, one more thing, I have heard that they will be video taping/recording testimonies from the Military Tribunals, and THAT will be broadcast to the Whole Nation. Many people will be SHOCKED at just how Criminal the Criminal Elite really are. But I’ve heard that it is extremely important that everything is done by the book, according to the rule of law, and that ALL Americans be thoroughly enlightened. Some may end up in Hospitals with nervous breakdowns. But the truth will be broadcast to the world.

Anyway, the BIG take away here, is that it will be the GOOD GUYS doing all this, and they are doing it for VERY GOOD reasons, to save our nation from these commie thugs!

FEAR NOT!!! If Anything REJOICE!!!


Oh, I forgot to mention…..LAME STREAM MEDIA will ALL be ARRESTED TOO for TREASON!

They are just as guilty, especially with this recent stunt of Declaring Biden President, with no authority. Lame Stream Media has been Complicit IN ALL OF THESE Coup D’etat Plots since Trump won the election Nov 2016!

Remember the RICO Laws… takes down everyone who is a willing part of this Treason and Sedition.

I suspect that your local TV actors paid to read whatever is put in front of them to read on tv news, will not be deemed complicit in the Treason. Only those who knew or had reason to know they were committing treason and/or sedition during these past 4 years.

So Bye, Bye LYING Lame Stream Media! They will be GONE for GOOD!!!

I suspect THAT is the reason why Robert Trump said there will be what he called “Trump TV”, a live real time news broadcast from the White House.

Jim Acosta & Co will be rotting in a prison cell in GITMO.

So to fill this temporary “vacuum”, the news will be broadcast directly from the White House….this time broadcasting the truth!

What is the RICO Act & How Does it Work?


No sense in tipping off our enemies.

PS: I just thought of something. Better stock up on some cash, there won’t be internet banking for 10 days. I think cash will be king, not sure about checks either. Stores use the internet to verify whether a check is good, so with that verification process gone, they may not accept checks or credit cards or debit cards. Just speculating here, not sure.

Probably time to repost these too, while the net is still up:

This isn’t just “Election Fraud”… is “TREASON”.

This is a real live coup happening RIGHT NOW!

History Repeats Itself: Lenin’s Actions to Steal the 1917 Election in Russia Are Eerily Similar to the Democrats Steal Today

Part of Treasonous Coup: All TV Networks “Cut Off” Trump While He was Speaking at Press Conference Nov 5

2020 Election Sting Operation Donald Trump BlockChain Security Steve Pieczenik Interview [7:50]

Navy Vet Alleged That The Entire “Election Fraud” Was Monitored By Trump & Federal Law Enforcement From A SCIF On Election Day ~ Trump Team KNEW Which States were using Hammer/Scorecard CIA Vote Rigging Software

Former NSA Senior Analyst Kirk Wiebe explains how Hammer and Scorecard is used to modify votes.

Just so you know what is coming…..

Shits getting ready to start! Read this whole twitter thread.

Q Post #55: “My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us…….” to be Activated Soon??? Also Q posts 22, 32, 34, 35, 37, 38, 43, 44 and 88 “10 Days of Darkness” Posted Here

Today is VETERANS DAY, in remembrance of the Armistice ending the First World War, which took effect on the Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month in 1918.

Thus, ever since then, Veterans Day events always begin at 1100 Hours on the 11th of November.

BUT – – – ,

Did you also know that this day, Wednesday 11 November 2020, is the 400th Anniversary of the Pilgrims landing on Plymouth Rock in 1620?

YOUTUBE is Down; Massive “Crash” or Shut Down of Stolen Election Info? UPDATE: GIGANTIC INTERNET CRASH HAPPENING NOW

What the hell is going on at the Pentagon? The top official fired/quit and multiple others jumping ship in the last 24hrs.


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