Liberals Seem Determined to Destroy the Country Out of Hatred for Trump

San Luis Obispo, CA
November 11, 2020

What Have Biden Voters Wrought?

by Rich Scheck

Bleeding heart liberals who proudly voted for Joe Biden ostensibly to punish Bad Man Orange and his legions of deplorable followers have created the potential for transforming the US into a dystopia far worse than anything Trump has been willing to do.

By doing so, they failed to consider how the Left has morphed into a bunch of self-righteous fascists intent on using any means necessary to regain power and get their revenge on Trump and his followers.

Led by the ever smirking and giggling Kamala Harris, the soon to be occupants of the White House will eagerly impose a vast regime of tyrannical policies to destroy what is left of our constitutional liberties as predicted by this writer and so many others.

One would think “progressives” would be able to pick up the clues evidenced in glaring detail by the behavior of Biden, Harris and their supposedly enlightened cronies.

For whatever reason, they opted to suspend their judgment and go for the jugular against their perceived oppressors on the Right, rather than do the hard work of building an alternative party that would bypass the evils inherent in both wings of the current duopoly.

Now those decent folks who abhor the excesses and warmongering of the two mainstream parties will have to work even harder to dislodge the institutional psychopaths inhabiting the DC Swamp who call themselves Democrats.

It is my deepest wish that the horrors promised by the Jacobins hovering over the Capitol like AOC, Harris and others will be stymied by either the American People in their state legislatures, the Electoral College or the Supreme Court.

If none of them can stop the Cancel Culture lunatics poised to riot, loot and yes, kill, in the name of their anti-fascist cause, then the blood letting sure to follow will be on the complicit hands of these progressives who arrogantly enabled their malicious ways.

Even if the silent majority somehow rallies to overturn the Big Tech/MSM/Deep State election coup and  return Trump to power, the country will be faced with enormous problems with the clear likelihood of civil war and/or movements towards secession.

America has reached the point of constitutional crisis and it now seems inevitable that the forces aligned against it will succeed in destroying it from within.

Biden voters have made things worse. The bleak future for America, Biden’s Dark Winter, will have their names  etched into the history books along with the millions too blind and lazy to work for real change.

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