A Patriot Sounds Off re: Voter Fraud Condoned by Quid Pro Joe

Dear Joe Blow Biden,

In response to your statement that by President Trump calling for an investigation into voter fraud, he is embarrassing himself.

What is embarrassing is for you to pretend to be President when you are not & will never be.

Pretend all you want but there are over 80 million Americans & maybe more that know who our President is because we voted for him.

You & your crooked foreign communist friends cannot pay enough people to show up to support anything that requires the kind of optics that you tried to hide during Trump’s campaign!

We showed up in person to disprove the fraud that we saw coming from you lying, cheating, thieving, bastards.

Pretend all you want but your fake inauguration will be as embarrassing as your ten person Biden rallies.

Good luck with your fake News and Fake Media Hacks trying to cover up all that! At the end of the day you are nothing but a knobby kneed, old, pedophile, fake emperor with no clothes & one appropriate salute.

Jail to the Thief!

Submitted by Shoshone


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