The Mainstream Media Plague and Social Media Pestilence Must Be Eradicated

The threat of rogue Social Media platforms and MSM Fake News will have to be addressed or Peace will elude us permanently.

Without media lies and tech censorship 24/7, the evil agenda of the rich, well-connected, and powerful, their crimes, their depravity, their manipulation of reality, their control of the narrative to sow discord and their theft of our blood and treasure could not remain hidden.

These cowards could no longer hide behind paid-for-pawns and human shields. Wars that have claimed millions of lives would have never been fought and those who deserve to lead our country would not continue to be martyred on the altar of defamation, censorship and sabotage!

“Broadcasting False Information” is a breach of FCC rules which requires immediate suspension of licenses to operate.  Permanent termination of these media fraudsters will serve as a vaccine for this rogue anti-truth combo — Mainstream Media & Social Media — that has plagued the world.

The symptoms are all around us.  Peace, Truth and Freedom have died in the process of the overthrow of this country by naked voter fraud, nonstop media lies and draconian censorship.

Submitted by Shoshone


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