Here’s the secret power behind a Harris presidency

San Luis Obispo, CA
November 18, 2020

Kamala’s Husband: Entertainment Lawyer Key To Her Future Presidency

by Rich Scheck

There’s a good reason I was able to successfully intuit who the next president of the US would be 19 months prior to the actual election. The person I picked, Kamala Harris, turned out to be a total flop in the primaries, garnering so few votes that she was forced to drop out in December before the voting commenced.

I was able to guess Harris might occupy the Oval Office based of her husband’s links to the entertainment industry as well as his religious affiliation. Hollywood Jews are very powerful and provide major input into the electoral process via funds, endorsements and finished product (films and tv shows) that constitute a form of socialization for the masses often styled as predictive programming.

As I came to the end of Amazing Polly’s amazing video about Adam Waldman’s incredible connections, the fact that Elon Musk’s new lawyer was on the Harris Team cemented my feeling that she would be the next president. The combination of links to politics, entertainment and the blossoming private Space Program that will see the first trillionaires generated from space entrepreneurs allowed me to make the leap and pick Harris.

It turns out there is icing on the cake that I was unaware of…….his links to Communist China:

Granted my guess was pure speculation but with Biden now “president elect” and very vulnerable to the 25th amendment by virtue of his health issues and many scandals, VP elect Harris is looking more like a sure thing every day.

Others have documented the election fraud and Biden scandals in great detail so I will skip that part of the the conversation.

Please watch the video and reflect on what I am speculating. And be sure to watch it all the way to the end (about 20 minutes) where you get to see the final link that may be foreshadowing the person poised to be the Disclosure President after the 2020 election.


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