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Share Mask-Related Health Incidents Here…

Do you have children in school who are being forced to wear a mask during school activities? Do you have a first-hand health incident to share as a result of wearing a mask (e.g. fatigue, rash, depression, shortness of breath, fainting, etc.)? If so, you are invited to tell us your story!

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Recent Reports

Maskne and isolation

He is required to wear a mask at both school and work And even though we wash them daily, his face around his mouth is breaking out severely. He was exposed to a classmate who

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Headaches, shortness of breath

Children wearing masks have been having all kinds of side effects. Mine has been suffering from headaches lately and been complaining more about breathing issues since these masks. They need to not be worn by

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Scouts forced to quit troop over masks

Our Scouting Troop has a facility liaison between the church were we meet and our Scouting Troop. This person is a pharmacist. The Scouts were meeting outside in the parking lot spending most of their

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Anxiety, breathing problems and almost passed out

My child could feel he was about to pass out from his mask wearing so he removed it for a moment to breathe. He was reported on this incident as well as other times when he took his mask down to get a breath. He has major anxiety and this is just exacerbating it.

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Rash, anxiety, headaches, allergies

My children are developing rashes in their face, anxiety while being forced to wear mask and threatened by teachers if they remove them to take a BREATH OF AIR, which they have every right to

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Depression over sports cancellations

Throughout the state of Louisiana student athletes are being denied state championship. This week the state cross-country and swim meets are being held. Students from across the state or forced to quarantine even though they

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Social Disconnect and Desensitization

I work as a cashier at a grocery store, and I have noticed that the high school kids have become really anti-social. Back in April, they were normal, friendly boys and girls who enjoyed socializing

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Migraines leading to nausea

My teenaged son is getting migraines, leading to nausea, only when he’s forced to wear a mask. We’ve been learning at home, but has to wear them for field trips or other public activities. This

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