The Election Deception Laid Bare

Election Deception

An Open Letter


The Great Override. Certainly by now it is apparent that a massive intervention into the voting machines and servers file systems was performed to alter the metadata and override the system and security. Thereby manipulating the entire voting infrastructure to misrepresent the actual, true vote tally. The mere fact that outsourcing voting systems data to foreign countries servers is reckless. It is now known that the servers in Germany have forensic voting data logs showing President Trump winning in a landslide by 400+ electoral votes which statistically matches all scenarios when analyzed by multiple mathematical calculations. This is irrefutable and undeniable, true math. Apparent introduction of bogus voting data was done locally state by state. Perhaps the servers in Germany have additional safeguards that override any attempt to cheat the system. That would explain why they showed the true vote tally and preserved the metadata as originally recorded.

Likely the same methods were used to override the true legal ballot count. Many pristine ballots which were filled out mechanically proves harvesting of ballots occurred. Ballots that are filled out by human physical contact do not remain pristine on a grand scale. This shows how reckless the cheating was done. The massive bogus ballots introduced state by state and ballot destruction was coordinated and reckless. All this done to override the voting system nationwide, worldwide. The perpetrators are criminals without conscience and must be punished severely. This has forever cast doubt in America’s voting system and America. We must correct this blunder for future generations and for America’s reputation as a beacon of freedom. The world is watching and will hold us accountable. May God have mercy on us and may God bless America. Override evil.


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