Look at how they’re locking down the UK because of the coronavirus!

Police given unprecedented powers to force people into coronavirus quarantine

Number of cases of infection doubles in UK, as fears grow GPs may have passed virus on to their patients

By Laura Donnelly (Health Editor) and Victoria Ward
The Telegraph

Police have been handed unprecedented powers to force those at risk of coronavirus into quarantine, amid fears two GPs may have passed the virus on to their patients.

The new measures have been put in place with immediate effect as the health secretary warned that the spread of the virus is now a “serious and imminent threat” to the British public.

On Monday, the number of cases in the UK doubled, with panic on the streets of Brighton and the closure of a busy GP practice, as two doctors were diagnosed with the disease.

An unnamed businessman, who contracted the virus in Singapore, is now linked to at least 11 infections among fellow Britons at a French ski-resort, before returning home to Brighton and later being admitted for treatment….

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