Is Wuhan being targeted with specific chemtrail aerosol formulations? If so, what’s in them?! (Video)

Chemtrail Aerosols Have Been Proven to Have Both Chemical and Biological Components

*Fast forward to the 44:44 mark to view the chemical geoengineering
commentary regarding Wuhan, China.

44:44 mins  Re: WUHAN

Let me see, where is Wuhan exactly? Let’s take a look. There it is. So, here’s Wuhan where the virus is. Look at this big aerosol. Hold on.

Look, they have targeted spraying going towards Wuhan. Look at these guys, they’re just now coming in. Let that clear up a little bit. You got sprayers headed toward Wuhan. They’re going to trap it in but when I back this out, so we’re about straight over from Shanghai right where that little indention is. I’m trying to align this all up here.

So, where the super heavy concentrations are, is where the aerosols are being deployed. Wuhan is probably like right in here.


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