CORONAVIRUS BIOTERRORISM: Economic Sabotage by Zio-Anglo-American Axis Targets China, Iran & Italy

Comment submitted by a seasoned and perceptive geopolitical analyst:

My observation?

The Covid-19 agenda is all about attacking China by crashing the global economy using a virus to take the blame while the bankers escape criticism.

One group says the pandemic is a hoax. The other group believes the pandemic is real as reported by the media we have learned cannot be trusted. The truth lies in-between

But many who claim to be “woke” in both groups regard the virus as a PsyOp to manipulate public opinion and perhaps the world economy….no matter who lives or dies. We learned this possibility from 9/11.

My research is pretty strong that the coronavirus was initially deployed in Wuhan as a trade war attack on China.

But even before the Wuhan virus, Hurricane Dorian was weaponized last September of 2019 to savage (and sabotage) the Chinese port in the Bahamas.  And, last Spring, the Chinese were negotiating to take over 4 ports in Italy as their trade gateway to the European Union.

Now Italy and China are both being punished with the coronavirus that closed down both entire countries.

The Result: China will not be using hugely strategic Italian ports to bring their products to the EU.  Instead, manufacturing will now take place via USMCA, India and Western-friendly Crown colonies now that the UK divorced the EU via BREXIT.

So, the Chinese One Belt, One Road NWO will be replaced with the 2-belt, 2-road diversity of manufacturing and trade under the revived UK maritime initiative, USMCA and Crown-friendly trade agreements. The London banking industry (aka the banksters) has a long history of using brutal tactics to achieve their economic and financial goals. CORONAVIRUS: The Crown Attacks Chinese Trade Hegemony

The deployment of a virus bioweapon can be executed in many ways: small drones, high-tech naval weapons, chemtrail aerosol sprays, to name just a few. Infection does not require person-to-person leaps of the virus within six feet as promoted in the media. The hyper-infection in Iran is another example of where China and Iran are being selectively punished for breaking trade sanctions and more.

If the news approximates reality, both Italy and Iran appear to be infected by a more virulent form of the coronavirus deployed by local actors and stealthy methods. In fact, the media has already announced that a new “strain” of the original Covid-19 virus has emerged. See: Coronavirus: Are there two strains and is one more deadly?

— Submitted by HSaive


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