A Coronavirus MUST READ! The Well-Hidden Back Story Emerges

  Where is the Pandemic?    

by Renee Parsons

As of March 22nd, USA Today reported 41,511 coronavirus infections in the US with 913 deaths while on March 23rd, Google estimated a 341,560 worldwide infection rate with 14,740 deaths.  Neither of these statistics appear indicative of an out-of-control pandemic or sufficient to create a global economic breakdown or health panic.

Yet the coronavirus has presented a fortuitous turn of events for those in power, most threatened by public exposure and in need of a lucky break.  Not the least of which is our hapless former veep Joe Biden who resuscitated his campaign thanks to Bernie’s  unwillingness to take on the DNC.

Just at the right moment, what a stroke of luck for Biden and the felons that Durham was expected to indict or any revelations about a black weapons market linked to our favorite anti-heroes in Congress or FBIers as Big Media continues to disempower the American public with its flawed narrative of Armageddon, leaving us to ferret out the facts.

The American public may still be confused about whether we are, in fact, dealing with a full-scale pandemic; or rather as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently announced at a press conference: ‘This matter is going forward.  We are in a live exercise to get this right.  Standing by his side, President Trump’s response that “You should have let us know is even more puzzling.   Since Trump has bungled a coordinated Federal government strategy to deal with the coronavirus, in this exchange, Trump lets it slip that he has acceded authority to Pompeo.

Clearly, the highest echelons in the Trump Administration know more than they are  telling us as extreme measures for stay-at-home martial law have been far more excessive than necessary for the usual coronavirus strain.  Those extreme measures only make sense if this coronavirus pandemic is not a ‘normal’ virus, which should have already begun to diminish with the onset of Spring.

With all the markings of a bioengineered and bioweaponized pathogen with a high level of sophistication and toxicity, some independent scientists are identifying the coronavirus as a fully weaponized pathogen unlike any such virus that has ever been seen.  On the other hand, there is reason to be suspicious of the 5G as a triggering mechanism with its millimeter range on the electromagnetic spectrum.

And, while China continues to be cited as the culprit, as they have a sloppy history when it comes to high-tech biohazard labs, there is more to the story than is being reported and more than the Trump Administration is revealing.  The possibility that Italy and Iran are recipients of a more virulent, perhaps different strain of coronavirus would point to the possibility that there is more than one strain being disseminated and would indicate a deliberate intent.

Martin Armstrong suggests that with a US population at 327 million, “There is something much more sinister going on here and it has nothing to do with the coronavirus. You do not shut down the world economy for such a minor incidentAn epidemic would require more than 4 million deaths in the United States – not less than 250.”  In addition, Dr. Steven Greer, a former ER doc, in a recent televised presentation said that if he ”talked about what he knew, his YouTube channel would be banned.  Something is not right.  More is known about where and how” this virus appeared.  Greer added “things will get worse before they get better.”

Dr. Francis Boyle, who drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989       which was unanimously approved by Congress, suggests this is a “brand-new generation of biowarfare weapons we haven’t seen before in the history of biological warfare.. it travels through air at least 6 or 7 feet, and human feces radiate off may be 6 or 7 feet”.

Wuhan – Smart City Wired for 5G

One of the many unknowns is whether this bioweaponized virus was accidentally or deliberately leaked from China’s only BSL-4 lab in Wuhan, the eighth largest city in central China with a population of 11 million.

As a WHO  designated lab, each BSL lab (bio-safety level) conducts research and develops pathogens applicable for conversion into bioweapons, which really sounds like it ought to be a contradiction in terms with the WHO mission.  Each BSL-4 lab allegedly includes  “bio-containment precautions required to isolate dangerous biological agents in an enclosed facility with 4 being the highest category”.

In 2007, the US Government Accounting Office identified 54 BSL-4 labs, 36% of them in academia, spread throughout the world.  As of 2007, fifteen are located in the US with nine of them at federal labs, four of which are at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

In addition, Wuhan is home to the first fully 5G-wired Smart City in the world expected ‘to improve the lives of its citizens’ according to its vice mayor at the 2012 Smart City Expo World Congress.  With an estimated 48,559 infected and 2,189 deaths in Wuhan in late February, the NY Times is now reporting that the fatality rate is lower at 1.4%  than previously reported at 3.4%.   

The WHO reports that the fatality rate in Wuhan was at 5.8% as compared with 0.7% in rest of the country.  One reason may be that no other Chinese city has so heavily invested in 5G technology as Wuhan as the virus limited itself to the Hubei province.  To date, there appears to be no new cases of the virus in Wuhan with an unconfirmed report that the 5G was shut down in China and South Korea.

Patient Zero

Of prime importance, it is essential in any epidemic or pandemic to identify Patient Zero, the first human infected by a viral or bacterial disease who can answer the crucial question of why, when and how the disease began.  It may seem an impossible task to trace the origins of a global pandemic, but colloquially speaking, Earth is still a ‘small world” as genetic analysis can now trace the genetic lineage of the origin of disease.

On October 18th, the World Military Athlete Games began in Wuhan with 300  members of the US military in attendance.  Coincidentally, on the very same day, a simulated pandemic response exercise, dubbed Event 201, began in New York City.  The Event was sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the John Hopkins Center and the World Economic Forum.

Enter super-duper investigator extraordinaire George Webb who identified Sgt. 1st class Maatje Benassi, who attended the Games as a top cyclisst, as one of five people who contracted what was identified as the coronavirus.  According to  Webb, Benassi is based at Fort Belvoir, home to a significant number of military/ intel agencies as well as a workforce almost the size of the Pentagon.  Belvoir is said to conduct bioweapon testing and development with an in-house Intelligence Command Center, which has also been at the center of nefarious and unsavory election ops.  Assigned to the Intelligence Command Center as a Diplomatic Security Officer and a Designated Driver for NATO Supreme Allied Command, Benassi is able to travel freely passing through customs with no search or surveillance.

Webb suggested that the sudden shut down of Ft. Detrick in September, just prior to the coronavirus outbreak is significant for transporting vials of chemical and biological material around the world.    

It would be more than enlightening to identify those five athletes who were taken ill in Wuhan at the Games and track their movements and travel.  Was Benassi the only American?  It has been reported that her cousin — Benny Benassi — was the first coronavirus infection in Holland..  How did that happen?  The entire itinerary of those five infected individuals needs to be scrutinized to provide a wealth of information.  Did any of them go to Iran or Italy?  Were they taken ill at the Games or did they arrive from the US carrying the coronavirus?  When and where were they diagnosed and treated?

Renee Parsons  has been a member of the ACLU’s Florida State Board of Directors and President of the ACLU Treasure Coast Chapter.   She has been an elected public official in Colorado, an environmental lobbyist with Friends of the Earth and staff member in the US House of Representatives in Washington, DC.  Renee is also a student of the Quantum Field.

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