The NWO Globalist Stooge Zelensky & His Epic Betrayal of Ukraine

A Ukrainian
Stages the Melodrama of the Millennium

Submitted by Revisionist Historians for World Peace
SOTN Exclusive

There’s something very wrong with the meticulously engineered war in Ukraine!

First, it’s now clear that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was contracted by his Zionist masters to provoke this highly staged war with Russia.  All of the proof is right there in plain sight.

Not only is there no question about that stark reality, all of the emerging evidence on the Ukraine battleground points directly to a highly organized genocide-in-progress led by Zelensky against the residents of Kiev and other major cities located WEST OF THE DONBASS.

The Donbass itself has been targeted for genocide by the Ukrainian military since the civil war first started by the Obama administration in 2014.  That CIA-directed color revolution in Kiev was the beginning of a slow-motion massacre of Russian speakers throughout eastern Ukraine.

What this really means is that paid “Crisis Actor” and serial “Drama Queen” Zelensky was deliberately installed as a so-called ‘peacemaker president’ in order to disarm the citizenry as the “Presidential Comedian” … … … and then subject them to a stealthy genocide.

Why else would Zelensky plead with the defenseless and untrained residents of Kiev to take up arms against the most powerful military on Earth?  Not only that, but the first wave of Russian military to enter Kiev is being led by Spetsnaz—the most impressive and competent special operations forces in the world.

Really, Ukrainian woman and girls, old men and young boys, are going to take up arms (see recent photos below from Ukraine) against the battle-hardened and rigorously trained fighting machines who belong to the Spetsnaz special forces?!?!

What a joke this is?  A very bad joke by a fake comedian turned president, no less.

Zelensky will go down in history as the first president ever to intentionally lead the citizens to a guaranteed slaughter, when the ONLY option was to swiftly surrender to the advancing Russian military so that a peace treaty could be negotiated to protect the powerless people.

Question: As always, “Qui bono?”  Who really gains from an outright slaughter of Ukrainian civilians?  That’s easy, the Zio-Anglo-American warmongers who are fastidiously setting up Russia as the aggressor in this rapidly intensifying regional war.  What better advertisement for military enlistees from around the world than showing pictures like those posted above, which were really CIA-directed photo shoots.  No one does fake war propaganda photographs like the CIA’s Mockingbird Media—NO ONE!

Zelensky the Zionist Puppet

As for precisely why Zelensky was CHOSEN to do this dirty work, Part II in this ongoing series will explain that secret plot and well-hidden back story.

CLUE: Who else can pull off an underhanded holocaust like the genocidal triad of Zionist warmongers, Ashkenazi banksters and Khazarian mafia?  How easy is it, then, for the same depopulation arm of the New World Order globalist cabal to carry out a major genocide in their ancestral lands of Ukraine and surrounding territories.  After all, this pathologically murderous tribe of Khazarian kleptocrats will eventually need a Plan B when Armageddon comes to their wholly own apartheid state of Israel.  That Plan B is surely the Ukraine; but first they need to remove the indigenous Russian people from their ancestral lands.  And the ancient Rus’ tribes were there first, but it was stolen by the utterly lawless Khazarians.  Nevertheless, nothing has ever stopped the Zionists from conducting genocide wherever a forced exodus was necessary to depopulate the territory for their land theft as they did with Israel. See: There’s a secret plan for the reverse migration of the Jews back to their Khazarian homeland.

Revisionist Historians for World Peace
State of the Nation
February 26, 2022

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