The Mainstream Media Mob Plays It “No Holds Barred” With President Vladimir Putin

Putin and the Media Mob

By Anonymous
President Vladimir Putin is getting a lot of epithets of evil slung his way in the mainstream media and in a lot of the alternative media as engaging in ruthless and evil ambitions–of course this is nothing new for Americans in which Russians are painted as evil monsters (no matter the historic time or context).
The word ‘diabolic’ comes to us from the prefix ‘dia’ meaning ‘across’ or ‘through’ + ‘bolus’ ‘ballein’ meaning “to throw” as in throwing a spin ball or throwing mud as in the mud-raking of the yellow journalism. This devil of a word “diabolic” could be exemplified by some lawyer in a court case laying out a fabrication. To be diabolical is to accuse someone of something that is highly distorted if not downright false.
[Note: There are links in this essay backing up assertions–but you may want to read through this essay first to at least get through it–as it is highly recommended you check out the references.]
Listen to this recent podcast by Glen Greenwald–he shows the diabolic nature of how America’s media has turned to the deliberate lies often accompanying and laying the groundwork for war (double click on link below:
LIVE: The War in Ukraine (
That is Rumble in case the hyperlink does not transfer.
These paragraphs in the following article from SputnikNews.Com says a lot about what most people in the West are unaware:
Invisible War in Donbass
…   At the same time, the Western mainstream media have kept silence for years about the shelling of the Donetsk and Luhansk Republics by the Ukrainian government forces and neo-Nazi battalions.
Just a limited number of independent American and European journalists and freelance photographers have been working in the Donbass region, chronicling the invisible war of the Ukrainian government against its own people. According to the UN, over 13,000 have been killed in the region since the Maidan coup d’etat of February 2014.
How Western Press Has Kept Silent For Years on War in Donbass & Neo-Nazism in Ukraine – 27.02.2022, Sputnik International (
[Note: Experience shows reading news from the so-called enemy side (Russian sources) are not less fake news that are those of Western news sources.]
Few of us Americans know much about the history of Ukraine and that neck of the woods. Whereas many of us were required to watch propaganda films in high school on just how stellar the United States as heroic was, such as in WW1 and WW2. Nevertheless 21 million Germans were killed in WW2 but no one talks about the deliberate bombing of German civilians during that war or General Eisenhower’s deliberate starving of German soldiers after the war was over (supposedly as rumor has it).
Eisenhower’s Remagen death camp for German soldiers | Scrapbookpages Blog (
War is always beyond horrific, truly and completely evil. Even the imagined and fantasized agonies of hell are mere expostulations of the miseries of hellish realities found on planet earth (extending into eternity). The past decades have seen many cases of indifference of killing civilians (if not deliberate genocidal impulses–and not just in the World Wars, not just in the good old days but in modern times in which human life is no longer considered an asset but rather a burden on the ecological systems–modern day war machines is more murderous than so-called eugenics plans).
Many children here in the United States, with a history of continuous warfare, were raised with a father who was an emotional casualty of war (such as the Korean Conflict or Vietnam) even before Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome was much an acknowledged phenomenon. Nothing destroys a sense of assumptions about life as does war–and all realities of standing armies and excessive national spending on all related matters.
War is the time when the controlled news media routinely resorts to seeing things in black and white, good and evil, cowardly or heroic terms; and it never fails that those journalists and news anchors, especially, who do not fight in wars, and mostly are not afflicted by the real dangers of wars, are the most agile of distorting the truth about the realities of war.
Surely there are big tomes, and complete library shelves, devoted to the propaganda of war. But this predicament that the Biden Administration, U.S. State Department, CIA, DOD, etc., has got us in with Ukraine is truly a cluster-cluck of clatter of SNAFUkic proportions metastasizing on steroids insane.
Plenty of propagandists are relying on the assumption that Americans are too naive and stupid to still equate Moscow and Russia with Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky and the like. We are to believe most Russians were and are ardent communists, just like we are to believe most eastern European countries, allowed by Roosevelt and Churchill, to be taken over by Stalin, that thus became the Eastern bloc, or Communist bloc, were equally communist enthusiasts, again never knowing how many various nationalists of those various nations suffered drastically, by Jewish-Bolshevist dominance of both Russia and eastern Europe.
[Note: According to the biases and distortions often found in Wikipedia (especially entries related to politics) to claim the Bolsheviks Revolution and consequent torture, murder, gulag prisoners, of millions and millions of native Russians and other enemies captured, is an antisemitic canard–but even Jewish sources have had to acknowledge, this consequent reality to some more mitigating extent as they cannot completely whitewash it, see:
Was the Russian Revolution Jewish? – The Jerusalem Post (
One reason why this is relevant is because too many people equate the phrase “nationalist” with “Nazi” evil when the world is being forced to live within a New World Order (the United Nations and the World Economic Forum, etc.) that wants to destroy all forms of patriots who want to live under various governmental laws that are not controlled by one corrupted and centralized power (even if it can be argued that the world has grown too crowded with globalism and conflict to have so many countries doing their own thing).
It seems much true that Vladimir Putin is a nationalist (not necessarily a bad thing to feel patriotic for one’s home team–despite the enormous propaganda of equating nationalism and home pride with racist evil) and it very much seems that Putin is equally a Christian.
Moreover, Vladimir Putin has been a deterrence of both the United States and Israel from dominating countries like Syria–but seemingly not enough.
Another fallacy is the idea of suggesting that everyone who has worked for the KGB is equally the equivalent of evil. Are we to believe everyone who works for the CIA, NSA, FBI, State, DOD, etc., are evil simply because their work is related to intelligence, war, and police powers? Of course not. Do these realms of activity portend potential evil–absolutely?
There are more than enough bad apples in the higher echelons of these alphabet agencies, especially as they are political players and nominees. But that does not mean every FBI agent or CIA agent is corrupt, etc. Just because Putin was supposedly a KGB officer does not automatically mean he is some evil and cruel person–although it may be true–but there does not seem to be a lot of obvious data.
America had, and still has, its own history of extraordinary renditions and foreign based prison systems such as Guantanamo. Nevertheless, Glenn Greenwald is correct in noting the West’s propaganda machines have turned him and Russia into the latest evil monster(s).
This propaganda is a huge win for the profit motives of the mainstream media and the military industrial complex that will churn out a new Cold War if not something worse.
But the point is this–it very, very much seems that the Neocons of the State Department, along with the despicable George Soros and his fecundity of cash flows, along with the Democratic Party especially, pushed Russia, for years, into finally attacking Ukraine.
Many naive Americans are being led to believe that War just broke out when in fact there has been war in the Donbass for eight years. See the previously cited article:
How Western Press Has Kept Silent For Years on War in Donbass & Neo-Nazism in Ukraine – 27.02.2022, Sputnik International (
where you will read:
… Over the past several weeks the Ukrainian military had intensified bombardment of the Donbass region, prompting the leadership of the DPR and LPR to launch an evacuation of children and elderly people to Russia. However, “Ukrainian spec ops groups have been targeting evacuees leaving for Russia with mines and shells,” says Eliason.
All the Western predictions of a Russian attack on Ukraine is a sure sign Western chess moves (both covert and overt) were intended to force the situation and that they were likely monitoring Russians potential plans as communicated via their military.
We, information consumers, would be a lot more enriched by turning to some viable alternative sources like Coach Red Pill (who is in Kiev and his stuff is still available as of Feb 28th). Here is a sampling:
What Russia Wants From Its Invasion of Ukraine—and Why Zelensky Is Evil – YouTube
And another more viable place for opinion is The Good Citizen, see:
The Propaganda War Is Not The War – The Good Citizen (
Ukraine In The Membrane – The Good Citizen (
Amit Sangupta
One thing is intuitively obvious, if you really pay attention, to the elaborate explanations that President Putin gives before and after these latest military actions, it is quite clear that the United States, in its usual arrogance and bullyboy tactics forced Russia’s hand.
[Note: You have to be careful on which translation or speech script rendition you find via Internet search engines because the most readily advanced transcript of Putin’s statement after the UN Council meeting is lousy and deletes a lot of the actual detail–how ironic that seemingly all the various search engines come up with the same citations, whereas a searches by various titles that reveal are gone down the rabbit holes.
To witness Putin’s own words and explanations speaks volumes about Russian perceptions and actions. For American media to portray his decisions, and that of his upper echelon, as pure, unmitigated evil, is a complete lie.
Despite all the usual misinformation and disinformation there still is enough sources to be found on the Internet (probably now for long as Youtube has supposedly banned RT or Russia Today) to get some sense of what the story on Ukraine is really being pulled toward NATO and Europe versus toward Russia and end to the cancerous growth of NATO eastwards.
So much of the history of the United States foreign policy, especially over the last decades, has become a multiplicity of bomb plumes that culminate into one metaphoric evil mushroom cloud–and many foreigners think so because they are not as brainwashed by chauvinistic bullshit found on the likes of FOX News.
Some news anchors have been telling a lot of truth and making a lot of great arguments on a plethora of subjects, but that should not blind people to their usual capacity of jingoistic and blind patriotism.
You do not need to be some FBI expert on the science of lying, or body language, of polygraph tests to see that the Russian spokespersons are telling a lot of truth. Can’t Americans get inquisitive enough to want to listen to what they have to say–even if their explanations go way beyond simplistic memes and soundbites, they are more used to?
Seems like mature people who give so damm much about the matters of war would at least listen to what the so-called enemies of the West have said? And yet in this world of sabotage, lies, and corruption, we have little time for stretching the mind to think and reflect–shoot let’s just go for the damm nuclear dynamite–after all there are forces that want to destroy, physically (kinetically) and economically, the United States, and it is not necessarily Chinese and Russians.
Compare the words and gestures we get from Sergey Lavrov versus Anthony Blinken.
Compare the words we get from Oval Office Resident Joseph Biden versus Vladimir Putin.
Compare the words we get from spokesperson for Russia’s Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, to that of say, John Kirby of the DOD, Jake Sullivan or Jen Psaki of the White House!
It is truly embarrassing to see the chasm of differences between all these players–and especially between Team America versus Team Russia as far as logic, intelligence, and sensibility. The divide is as huge as it is incomprehensible–except for an awareness that The West has catapulted into the throws of complete corruption and unmitigated rot.
Joseph Biden without a teleprompter or ear wire is an absurdity who will not even answer question for fear he reveals his cognitive decline and lack of real moral fiber. He, like so much of Team America, is one big fricken’ fraud. This is worse than the Three Stooges.
Whereas Donald Trump and his calling President Putin genius in one breathe and then claiming he would attack Russia had he been President under such circumstances isn’t helping the situation.
MAGA people wake up. We need to SHUN both the Democratic and Republican Party and start over. The federal whole system is completely a morose corpse of putrefaction and death–and if you need to blame someone for current war–do your damm research.
If there is a God, it sure would be great for some signs about now because most world leaders do not know what they are doing or understanding the games they are playing.
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