Here’s how they do it…in nations large and small.

Submitted by HD

Politicians in many countries are serving the NWO Globalists instead of their citizens. This is what we very clearly witness in America, Canada, UK and Sri Lanka. The function of the so-called Intelligence Agencies is to help the Globalist Agenda and not to protect the safety and security of the citizens. The people seeking the truth among [journalists, bloggers, pastors, radio hosts, activists, politicians or simply truth tellers] are being pursued by these agencies when their [peoples’] narrative does not reflect the agenda of the globalists or the narrative of the mainstream media that spreads lies to support the globalists and deceive the general public. These agencies go all out to support the politicians who are part of the NWO while using various mechanisms including aggression to harm the citizens. Those seeking the truth try to expose what is going on in order to halt this assault on the citizens to preserve their integrity and life as free people.

The CIA trains and/or controls many things. Among them are the mainstream and the social media, US politicians, US Military, US police force, various corporations and their CEOs, foreign heads of states and their governments etc. The FBI works together with the CIA and they are part of the system we refer as the Deep State. The function of the Deep State is to subvert America and take over all countries, destroy their individual cultures and provide the way for a One World Government with one religion, and I can tell you it is not Christianity. The White Christian male is branded as a White Supremacist which is an unfair label given to them in order to demonize them and destroy their reputation. I have lived in the US for over 40 years and never met a single White man who deserves this label. In Sri Lanka this same game is played against the Sinhala Buddhist male to portray him as a racist who hates other religious minorities. There seems to be some sort of a program or a playbook and who could be behind these things? Yes, it is the C.I.A.

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