China Has Locked Down Shanghai! Why?

From Jim Stone:

China is likely expecting a false flag bio attack

They just locked down Shanghai claiming it was for a “zero covid policy”. But you don’t lock down Shanghai for that. Something is up that they don’t want talked about. Here are the lockdown rules:

All non essential businesses are now closed. Everyone has to stay home. Food will be brought and dropped off in an isolated spot where people can go to grab it, in order, to avoid contact with others and you have to show your papers to get it. Anyone who can work from home will work from home. All public transport is suspended.

THIS IS IN SHANGHAI, not Wuhan or some other less important city. These measures are more severe than anything issued in Shanghai yet.

Why would China do this? EASY ANSWER: Ethnic bioweapons. Ukraine biolabs. Biden’s direct involvement via Hunter . . . . also, to entrap people who are not on “the right side of things” in the current war . . . . the government is actually scared. Mexico ought to worry too!!!

Here we have in China a situation where there’s no major outbreak and they locked down Shanghai anyway. It’s not like the government there wants to destroy the country the way America’s government does, SOMETHING IS UP.

It sounded too bad to be true, because . . . . . Shanghai. So I looked for the source of this info, and RT had it.

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