If you thought California and New York Democrats were insane, meet the “Queen of Crazy” in Florida!

Imagine an ultra-liberal Democrat politico with a very
serious case of Trump derangement syndrome who is
part Hillary Clinton, part Nancy Pelosi, part Kamala
Harris, part Maxine Waters, part Elizabeth Warren,
part Gretchen Whitmer and part Alexandria Ocasio-

What would such an entity even look like?

How about this:

By the way, isn’t there something very different about the two photos that follow…and we’re not talking about the guy?!

Which begs the question: Is Nikki Fried really running for Florida governor … … … or hawking breast enlargement services/products?

In any case, she fully earned her “Queen of Crazy” title after comparing Governor Ron DeSantis to Adolf Hitler. See: ‘It’s sick’: Top Florida Democrat makes analogy between DeSantis and Hitler 


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