Snake Venom Enzyme Connection With The Pandemic

Dr. Ardis Might Be Misinterpreting What He Has Uncovered

Posted by JediShaman

I don’t consider Dr. Ardis’ overall hypothesis to be sound… even if Remdesivir is triggered the toxic enzyme overload that doesn’t mean that people already aren’t sick with coronavirus infections before getting the dangerous drug… and if the water systems are infused with the toxic drug then that would require a global effort hitting water supplies even in rural areas. There is no solid evidence confirming his conclusion, just conjecture to create a sinister explanation around all the pieces of data. While there is obviously a corrupt agenda behind pushing Remdesivir and suppressing viable treatments, that doesn’t mean water supplies were spiked with the toxins. Ardis seems sincere but I’d give pause to embracing his hypothesis.

COVID-19 appears to kill patients in a similar way a rattlesnake does — triggering a protein related to neurotoxins found in the reptile’s venom, a new study reveals. Scientists at the University of Arizona believe the mechanism may hold the key to predicting patients most likely to die from the virus.

This trigger fuels the severity of the virus by causing severe inflammation. A patient’s immune system goes into overdrive, leading to organ failure.

“Many patients who died from COVID-19 had some of the highest levels of this enzyme that have ever been reported,” says study senior author Dr. Floyd Chilton in a university release.


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