The Political Weaponization of the Medicin

The medical community is a fraternity of political activists above all else, incapable of objective scientific inquiry or the neutral practice of medicine

We have reached a juncture in the course of human events where the medical establishments across the civilized world no longer possess institutional credibility as healthcare practitioners1, a first in human history (as far as I am aware).

From the onset of the pandemic, many of the “trusted” medical “experts” have proven to be not only inept, not only corrupt, but maniacally evil sociopaths who have through their actions and policies caused the needless deaths of tens of millions around the world, and the unimaginable suffering of hundreds of millions if not billions more.

Where did the rot begin though? It is implausible that the entire medical world could have cavalierly discarded their rich tradition of Hippocratic virtue, intellectual honesty and scientific rigour heavily internalized over millennia with such shocking totality and rapidity.

This article aims to expose the true colors of the medical community as a fraternity of rabid political activists above all else – which as we shall see is an objectively and factually accurate characterization of the medical community such as it exists today.



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