Why Do Vaccinated Begin to Transmit a Computer MAC Address After Injection

Submitted by Harold Saive

Bodify Research and NewsVoice are trying to replicate tests to see if vaccinated people send Bluetooth data

BLUETOOTH EXPERIMENT. Bodify Research in collaboration with NewsVoice will use a field test in July 2022 to verify or deny a previous field test carried out in Spain in the summer of 2021. The hypothesis is that covid vaccine, PCR and / or antigen test installs a MAC address in the vaccinated body.

Text: Lennart Fröderberg (Bodify Research), summarized by NewsVoice (updated at 18:26)

The purpose of the test is to see if we can achieve the same results as established in Spain in 2021. If not, we can reject the Spanish test as misleading.

Registration for the field test in Stockholm during week 30, 2022
Register your interest to e-mail: bodify.research@protonmail.com no later than July 20, 2022. We will return with the date, time, place for the field test in Stockholm no later than 5 days before the first test day.

Participants must submit documentation / proof in good time before the field test that they:

  • Injected / vaccinated with covid-19 syringe.
  • Taken an RT-PCR test with a PCR swab, ie a stick in the nose.
  • Taken an antigen test with swab. A swab stick in the throat, throat or through the mucous membrane of the mouth on the inside of the cheek.

Background: Dr Luis De Benitos tests
Dr Luis De Benito shares a preliminary report on the MAC address phenomenon in vaccinated individuals. Benito, a digestive doctor with a doctorate in molecular biology, presents an excerpt from the research on the mysterious MAC addresses with Bluetooth applications that he and other researchers claim to have discovered in vaccinated individuals.

This is a short report that he has sent to various research groups around the world. In this preview, Dr. De Benito explains what he has observed and what may be the possible causes of the phenomenon of detected MAC addresses. Hundreds of patients were tested.

Benito describes in a video in the article above how the tests were carried out at his private clinic. For example, there was no other staff in the building besides himself and the tests were performed in the evening to minimize sources of error. The only disturbance during the tests was when an ambulance from the rescue service came and went in the building, but this ambulance Benito could easily identify.

Benito noted that vaccinated individuals often gave rise to MAC ( Media Access Control ) addresses, a unique identifier that electronics manufacturers assign to electronic devices that can be connected to a network.

Of the 137 patients surveyed, 112 stated that they had been vaccinated and 25 that they had not been vaccinated.

96 patients out of the 112 stated that they had been vaccinated. Despite the fact that participants turned off all electronic devices, active MAC codes remained, Benito explains. One possible interpretation is that some patients had a MAC ID in their bodies.

“With this simple observation during July and August 2021, I have been able to verify that 100 percent of the patients who say they are not vaccinated do not lift any contact device with my mobile phone via Bluetooth.”

86% of those who said they were vaccinated generate MAC addresses
Benito made several observations. One of the strangest things was that different people who were injected with the contents of the same vial, ie from the same distribution of the same batch , still had different MAC addresses.

Benito consulted computer technicians, robot scientists, biologists and engineers, experts in computer science and nanorobotics. Several of these advocate the possibility that the codes / IDs are generated as a result of the interaction between what is injected and the person’s genetic material.

Register for the field test in Stockholm during week 30, 2022. Register your interest by e-mail: bodify.research@protonmail.com by 20 July 2022.

Text: Lennart Fröderberg, Bodify Research


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