Epstein-Wexner Human Trafficking Criminal Conspiracy Expos (Docuseries)

‘Wexner had the money, and he got from Epstein the glamour and smoothness he was seeking’: Sordid relationship between Victoria Secret’s billionaire Les Wexner and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is exposed in scandalous detail in new Hulu documentary

  • New Hulu docuseries investigates the decades-long perverse relationship between the millionaire pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein and his primary benefactor, Les Wexner, the billionaire owner of Victoria’s Secret
  • Epstein was worth an estimated $550m when he committed suicide in prison while awaiting trial for charges of sex trafficking, the bulk of his wealth came from having complete power of attorney over Wexner’s finances
  • ‘There wasn’t a part of Wexner’s empire that Epstein didn’t have access to,’ said journalist Sarah Ellison. ‘He had unmitigated control over all his assets.’
  • Experts interviewed in the doc remain perplexed why Wexner (an infamous control freak) gave carte blanche to a college dropout with no financial experience 
  • One person featured in the series suggests that Epstein had blackmail on the discreet billionaire, others infer that the two might have been in a homosexual relationship, even though both parties categorically denied it 
  • Documentary revels new evidence that Wexner helped paid for Epstein’s legal fees when he was first arrested for sexual misconduct with a minor in 2006 

READ HERE: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11006553/The-shadowy-connection-Jeffrey-Epstein-Victorias-Secret-billionaire-Les-Wexner.html


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